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Friday, July 8, 2011

Is it Rude to Meet More Than One Lady in Ukraine?

I advise most gentlemen to meet more than one lady when traveling to Ukraine and some suitors are surprised by this recommendation, thinking it rude or disloyal to the ladies who grace our site. However, there are many solid reasons Western suitors should arrange dates with multiple women. Here are a few.

While it doesn't happen often, things come up and a lady may have to miss a scheduled meeting due to injury, illness, a busy work schedule, or just plain nerves. Schedule mismatches are a particular risk if a gentleman plans a surprise visit and doesn't coordinate his schedule with a lady's. It's also possible that a lady and gentleman just won't hit it off. Chemistry is something that can only be evaluated face to face and though two people may get along well online they may simply not mesh well in person. When this happens, it's helpful if gentlemen have arranged meetings with other women. Many suitors have hit it off wonderfully with so-called backup dates, so men shouldn't be too distraught if a first choice doesn't work out.

While it's acceptable, and even advisable, to make plans to meet more than one woman while traveling to Eastern Europe, it's not something Western suitors should discuss with the ladies. The women are well aware that many gentlemen court more than one lady in their quest for a Russian bride, but that doesn't mean they want to hear about it. Plus, no woman wants to think of herself of a "backup" date. Tact and discretion are the best way to avoid hurt feelings and awkward encounters.

Is it rude or disloyal to schedule dates with more than one woman while visiting Ukraine? No. It's always smart to be prepared, especially when it comes to international visits. As long as a suitor is polite and discreet about his multiple meetings, he should have no problems with the ladies but still enjoy the best chance of finding a Russian love match.

Family Life With Russian Brides: What To Expect

Do you think that a Russian woman can be an ideal partner for you? Or you’re not sure it’s for you? Well now, this article will tell you why it’s completely for you!


Men looking for traditional brides often choose to marry Russian brides. These ladies from Russia might make preferable spouses for these men as they tend to adhere to traditional family standards and gender roles. Even so, they still may desire to live in their husband’s country and look forward to the new possibilities of a life overseas, away from their home country. With this, many women in this country purposely seek out international husbands to marry.

Indeed, patriarchal standards still makeup most of the way culture in Russia evolves. Men stand as the uncompromising heads of the families and women are expected to be subservient to them. Men do not help with taking care of children or household chores the way Western men often do. Women in that country sometimes work outside their homes and then receive no help from their husbands or other male relatives at home. They may view their life as difficult.

To escape this lifestyle and to explore the possibility of creating a happier future for themselves, young women may choose to join social groups that encourage international dating. Men from all over, including the U. S., Great Britain, and Australia, travel to Russia to meet ladies whose ideal goal is to be married and to have children. Once a lady agrees to marry a gentleman, she typically travels to his country and begins a new life overseas.

Her life in a new country does not include necessarily her leaving behind her beliefs and her culture. In fact, she may be firm about her role as a wife and mother, not wanting to work outside the home, and expecting her husband to serve the family’s leader and sole provider. Yet, she may also tell her husband that she expects him to help take care of his children once in awhile and to help with the occasional household chore.

Even more, she may observe that societies in Western countries tend to be more respectful of women than societies in other parts of the world. American TV shows and movies typically portray women as being in positions of power and their husbands ask their opinions and advice. Ladies from more restrictive cultures may be envious of this lifestyle and want to live in the same manner.

Women with Slavic heritages are observed to be beautiful and have appearances that include blue eyes and high cheekbones. These physical characteristics are specific to that region of the world and may be preferred by some men than the appearances of American women.

Moreover, females in the United States can be thought of as being independent to the point of not being willing to forgo their careers in favor of marriage and raising children. As such, if a man wants such a wife, he often will choose to go to Russia and find a wife.

Russian brides satisfy this desire for men who want a mother and wife in their homes, someone who will take care of the family and their children. As such, men will go to Russia and find young ladies who want this same goal in life. Once they are wed, the newlyweds move to the man’s country to begin their lives together.

Russian Brides – Who Are They?

Are you searching for a pretty Russian bride? Russia is the place to be, since the fall of the iron curtain thousands of men from around the world have discovered one of Russia’s biggest secrets, their beautiful women.


Lately, thousands of young Russian and Ukrainian ladies have come to the USA and European countries by means of marriage and were unkindly labeled "Russian mail-order brides". However who are these ladies, extremely? Why are they ready to go away everything behind, to go to an unknown country and live with an unknown man? Will a Russian bride very be a sensible resolution for a Western man? We have a tendency to can attempt to demystify the phenomenon of mail-order-brides.

Why do Russian women need to marry foreigners?

There are thousands of dating services that includes young, lovely Russian girls who are looking for Western husbands. There are such a lot of ladies that it might appear all of the young females in Russia have set to depart their country. This is often only an illusion, though. Russia and Ukraine are terribly massive countries with huge populations, and ladies who are looking for husbands abroad represent less than 0.01% of all single Russian women.

The ladies, who place their ads with dating services, hoping to seek out a husband in the USA or Europe, have numerous reasons to try and do so. The most common reason is that they need heard from friends and therefore the media that Western men treat girls higher than Russian men do. They have heard that drinking is not such a drawback in these Western countries as it’s in Russia, which men truly care for their families.

Thus, the common perception that mail-order brides are looking for a higher lifestyle is not quite right. In reality, they’re looking out for a higher man than they’ll get in Russia or Ukraine. See more data regarding single Russian women who are looking for Western husbands.

What makes Western men to appear for a Russian bride?

At first look, it might appear very strange that so several men are prepared to spend thousands, to bring an overseas wife to their country and struggle with all the differences of language and culture. Would not it’s easier to seek out a decent wife at home?

Western men have many reasons, to appear for Russian wives:

? Some are fascinated by Russian culture and want a partner who wouldn’t solely share this fascination, but really be a part of this culture

? Some are middle-aged men, who were sad in an exceedingly previous relationship but are ready to try again, with a girl who continues to be young enough to possess children. As you recognize, in Western culture marriages with age variations of five years, or more, aren’t common; therefore, if a man were forty five-50, he would be unlikely to find a partner underneath 40 years old, in his own country

? And some are men who, for one reason or another, are dissatisfied with the women in their own country. Russian women are less materialistic, a lot of ancient and female than their Western sisters, and this sort of a woman appeals to many men.

What’s the success rate – can finding a wife from Russia can very work for a western man?

It works for many men: there are thousands of Russian-Western couples that are terribly happy together. There are sad ones in addition, though, and the usual causes are: a woman cannot modify to a life in a very new country; each partners had unrealistic expectations before wedding; or they can’t work through their cultural variations, so mutual understanding is rarely achieved.

Whereas operating with several Russian-Western couples I noticed a pattern, though: happily married men are usually the ones who weren’t looking for a ‘Russian bride’, but for a partner to live with. They also learned a lot regarding Russian culture and traditions and put some effort into making their woman feel happy and welcome in her new home. If a person is prepared to figure through the minor difficulties, beginning a family with a Russian girl can be very rewarding.

Russian Brides – How Much Younger Should Your Ideal Russian Date Be?

Conquering the heart of a beautiful young woman is just about every single older man’s dream, and many of the Russian girls you will meet on online dating sites are indeed looking for just the stability such a relationship promises.







But how much is too much when it comes to the age gap between you and your Russian bride?

This article explains that it is all about finding the right balance. Many Russian girls tend to mature much faster than western women because they face different situations and much more responsibilities early on in life. This means that most Russian and Eastern European ladies will be perfectly fine dating men up to 10 or 15 years older; in fact, dating a western man their age could feel like dating a teen!
However, you do have to beware of pushing the age gap too far, because it is bound to work against you in the end. You will indeed find many fairytale romances between young women and men 20 years older and over being touted by online dating sites, but most times they are just that: fairytales! You might get lucky with a very much younger Russian woman if you are handsome, rich, or very clever, but you’d just be the exception that confirms the rule.
So if you are looking to build a strong relationship, and maybe even a family, you need to be realistic about your age expectations. Think of 10 to 15 years age maximum difference as your rule of thumb and go and find your soul mate from one of the many beautiful Russian ladies out there. Good luck!

What disparity between years is reasonable for Russian brides?

You have decided to find a Russian lady but uncertain about age difference?

5-15 years disproportion is just normal. You sure can meet a woman who would be 8, 9, 12, 13 and even 18 years younger than you. A lot of western men are surprised at receiving letters from interesting well educated ladies (physicians, analysts, accountants) 10-15 years younger than themselves. In the US this disparity of years is unreal. In your look for a Russian wife, it is not. One of the causes is that girls in Eastern Europe grow smart early, and having a relation with a foreigner of their age is the same as having affair with a teen. Complications in life make people serious, the way that age does. The disparity between years also adds them feeling of security.

On the other hand, you must not have too high expectations. If you are in your late 50’s or 60’s, you must not hope to get a 20-year old single girl. Many beautiful, attractive in their late 30s or 40s would be eager to make your acquaintance; half of dating agencies’ women clients are 30-40 years old, and you won’t have problems with getting their kindness. This is realistic. In some cases if you are really good looking, or very clever/wealthy/well-known, you have a chance with an disparity of years of 20 years or more. But it would be an exclusion, not the rule.

In case if your goal is a strong family, don’t forget to take age difference into account. Dating services love to tell stories about Russian women preferring much older men, and that it won’t influence your future marriage; but that’s exactly what these fables are – stories. You have to be big enough to face reality and resist the enticement to pursue tales. Be ruled by powers of reason, and don’t let yourself be fooled by unfair employees from the matrimonial agency. Virtually all girls will not have troubles with age difference up to 10 years, and many find reasonable age issues up to 15 years, a few will be OK with disparity of years up to 20 years. But anything beyond this will be quite dangerous, and you surely will meet troubles in your search.

One more thing is that reasonable age gap for Russian ladies are plummeting with every year. The more foreign guys look for brides in Eastern Europe, the better choice women have, the higher their requests get. Young girls are less worried about difference in age than older ones: a lady of 20 years old is normally interested in men up to 45, whilst a woman of 40 years old can limit her searching to men under 55. Thus, if you are 48, a girl of 28 years old may consider you a suitable candidate and a girl of 35 may decide you are too old.

It’s really important for Russian girl to find a husband and have children. Girls are reared with the idea of a lifetime commitment, their goal is to get a family. Eastern European lady is self-fulfilled only if she has a husband and children. This is the central reason why a lot of beautiful women are looking for a life-partner abroad. The truth is that the number of females in Russia is higher than the quantity of males by 12%, so ladies have no other choice but to search for husbands abroad.

According to Eastern Europe traditions, a woman have to have family with children; being lonely is a shame. A lady who is single by 23 is called “old maid”. Girls 22-28 wish to start family-life really soon. The peak of the society’s pressure on the woman to get married is at the age of 27; after that her parents and acquaintances begin considering she will never get married and give up on her; she herself also starts getting accustomed to the idea she will not have a husband. Once women are used to with the thought of never getting married, their demands to a prospective husband lower. Just getting a husband to avoid the disgrace of being single is not ample for them any more.

So there are some probable motives why it looks like Russian women dream about much older guys: • The dating service told her that it will be much simpler for her to find an older guy, and that she would be able to make up her mind afterwards if she wants to date him (agencies need clients!!!). • She did not put down age of her prospective partner in the application because she did not think that it’s important, or just left it behind. • The advertisement? are written by girls looking for “rich” men and directed to the most efficient clients. Actually you should remember that there are VERY FEW ladies who probably DO prefer a MUCH older man. But still have an opportunity meet a younger lady, and even MUCH younger. Just be a realist and do not forget that 10-15 years disproportion is the limit, otherwise you will face troubles at a later stage.




Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Shake Hands with Women and Men in Ukraine

When you are in Ukraine you will notice men take their gloves off when shaking hands.
Why is that? 
The reason for that tradition comes from the medieval times when gloves used to be a part of fighting gear which had to be used not only because they provided protection to the hands, but also because of the weight of the swords and other weaponry, which were often too heavy to deal with bare handed. So, wearing gloves at that time was a logical thing to do whenever you needed to use weapons and fight. And hence whenever men took the gloves off it was to signify that he had no intention to fight and came with the peace!
Eventually the heavy protection gloves have transformed and lost their main purpose- protecting their owner from the blows of an opponent, this however did not change the “taking off” routine in countries like Ukraine or Russia.
And even now to shake someone’s hand wearing a glove is considered to be rude if you are a man. In Ukraine you are expected to give a solid and strong hand shake to men and it would be an unusual thing if you offer your left hand for a shake. Women in Ukraine are spared from this ritual of taking the gloves off; it’s maybe because there were no Ukrainian women fighters in the medieval times or simply because a woman was never considered to be a source of the threat in the Ukrainian culture. However it's usual to take off gloves when you are greeting a lady, even if she is not doing the same.

When you meet a Ukrainian woman for the first time, it's considered to be normal for her to offer you a hand for a greeting, be careful not to squeeze it too hard, it's only a gesture the aim of which is simply to establish a physical contact, simply touch each other.

Single Women in Ukraine