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Monday, December 2, 2013

Ukrainian Women are the Best for Dating and Marriage

The most important thing in a relationship is to make it last longer. Ukrainian Women are highly family-Oriented and they are considered to be extremely good wives. They wish to stay together with their partner throughout their life time. They still like to do domestic work in the same old traditional way. For them it is an important thing to do cookery, cleaning and other household work. Also they are very sensitive and “Love” is a very valuable thing for them. Ukrainian women are very beautiful and passionate at the same time very friendly and sincere.
Not like other restricted Countries, Ukrainian women & Ukrainian culture have an open attitude against sexuality. They thoroughly understand each partner’s role in the same and enjoy a healthy love life. Once you date a Ukrainian Woman you might never date anyone else again.
Many European & American men are successful, rich, romantic and looking for a caring partner for a lasting relationship. Therefore the relationships with these men and Ukrainian women are a perfect match. They are not looking for a perfect looking guy but a loving and caring partner. The main concern is not the “Wealth” but the values of life. Kindness, Honesty, affection and loyalty are the things that they cherish. Therefore for long term relationships and strong family life, marring a Ukrainian woman is ideal.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

There’s Something About Ukrainian Women

When it comes to beauty, style, and elegance, Ukrainian women have a classification of their own. Visit dating sites and you’ll discover varied samples of Ukrainian women who can be your friend, cohort, lover, or just about anybody in between. Ukrainian women are just like Russian women. They’re very the same in almost all ways and form. Ukraine, after all, has been a part of the then USSR region.
So when it comes to build, you will find these women tall enough to look like a model. The girls can grow as tall as 5’10” or even more, with 5’3” seems to be the shortest. The average height of Ukrainian women is 5’6”. These girls are the ideal Caucasian companion for the large and lanky men of the West indeed.
Being Caucasians themselves, Ukrainian women are naturally beautiful. They don’t need makeup or anything to look as lovely as you want them to be. They look pretty with their milky white skin, blue eyes, and brown hair. Most Ukrainian looks that way although just like most white people, their physical features could vary greatly as well.
Style is something that you can’t miss from Ukrainian women. These girls know their fashion, given the fact that they are living in a beautiful and progressive country in Europe. And they dress just like Westerners, meaning they are not that conservative or timid. They wear clothes the way the like it, preferring the pieces that are most comfortable on them. But more importantly, they’re not that too worried about showing off some skin. Ukrainian women can flaunt it if they have it.
Meet with these girls and experience what real companionship is all about. There’s something about Ukrainian women that you should discover. And you can begin once you meet with them.

The 10 Commandments of Online Dating

 Winking at a prospective match, or adding her to your “favorites” list, is a sweet gesture in theory—it’s supposed to indicate that you think the girl is cute or interesting. But it’s also lazy as hell and puts the burden on the woman to actually initiate contact. So do this instead: Send a message. Start with a friendly or humorous opening. Comment on one or several things she mentioned in her profile. Ask her a question about one of them, to give her extra incentive to write back. Include some information about yourself. And sign off kindly, ideally with your real first name.
 The first step to snapping your profile pic is choosing your equipment wisely, which means ditching your phone. Lenses on cell-phone cameras tend to be very wide—so if your face is too close, there could be some distortion. That’s why digital cameras are ideal.
 In a 2011 study on online dating profiles from Villanova University, one man’s profile that was rated attractive by evaluators stated the ability to make “a pretty mean cheesecake.” While unabashedly saying how wonderful you are is not the way to go, having and conveying self-esteem by sharing the things you genuinely enjoy is effective in appearing confident and happy with yourself, explains lead researcher Rebecca Brand, Ph.D., a professor at Villanova.
 When you’re creating your profile, don’t exaggerate. “Allow your profile to reflect who you really are, not who you wish you were,” says Jackie Black, Ph.D., relationship expert, and author of Meeting Your Match: Cracking the Code to Successful Relationships. Similarly, be upfront about your likes and dislikes, she says. Sure, this will weed out some candidates—but it’ll save you time in the long run.
 Need to fill out some more details? Flex your funny bone. In the Villanova study, profiles with humor—one guy specifically said that he liked to poke fun at people and expected the same in return—were deemed more attractive as they appeared more masculine. A sense of humor has also been proposed to indicate good genes—which, hello—is essentially what she’s looking for.
 Back to the profile photo:  Catch her eye with red. The color, usually found on alpha males in the animal world, not only conveys power, but also evokes feelings of love. According to a study in the Journal of Experimental Psychology, women are more attracted to dudes in red than any other color, finding them more attractive, powerful, and sexually desirable. Use a photo with a simple touch of red—a tie or a deep red button up under a blazer—to get her attention.
 Don’t wait for her to make the first move—the onus is on you to send that initial message. “Pick out a detail from her profile and explain why it caught your eye,” says Black. “This shows that you’re really interested and more importantly, it gives you something to bond over in future messages.”
 In a study at Capella University, online daters felt like they were seeing an old friend on their first date—but that familiarity can backfire, experts say. “Talking online could give you a false indication of how well you know your date,” says Black. Don’t be tricked into divulging too much information, she advises. “The more you disclose, the closer you become to the other person, which makes it easier to get hurt.” Be honest about your wants and interests but wait until you trust the person before diving into the deep stuff.
 If a woman doesn’t respond to your message, don’t take it personally. And, more importantly, don’t send her an angry, spite-filled, follow-up message demanding an explanation or apology, because you somehow feel she owes you one. She doesn’t. If she hasn’t responded at all to your first message, consider it a lost cause and find someone else to pursue.
 Once things become official with her, don’t forget to delete your profile. And if your partner doesn’t, you should question her commitment, says Black. “The only reason to keep your profile active is if you’re still looking.” Besides, you can always reactivate it if it doesn’t work out.
by Andrew Daniels men's Health Magazine

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Why Consider Ukrainian Brides ?

Lonely men do have a whole range of companions currently available to them to make them happy. Brides from most places and races can be ordered over the internet right now, reason why men won’t have to stay alone for so long. One of a man’s nicer choices would be Ukrainian women. Ukrainian brides are naturally beautiful, intelligent, and sexy. They are indeed any man’s perfect partner or soul mate.
The many cities of Ukraine are the homes of the most willing brides to foreign men. And they come in different kinds and caliber too. Meet with them today over the internet and possibly, find your future bride among a gallery of beautiful Ukrainian women. What’s so great about these girls is that they prefer men from across the shores to be their lifelong partner. That is the reason why there are many of them want to be featured at dating sites and mail order bride sites. Choosing from a wide array of beautiful Ukrainian women is a luxury that many Western men can enjoy.
Ukraine brides are very similar to Russian brides so you’re not really making a mistake here. And you’re not opting for a lesser choice either. If considering everything, Ukraine brides are a lot better than the Russian brides. They are the ladies who prefer genuine lifetime partnership. They want men who are single, serious, reliable, and family oriented. In return, they’ll be the perfect bride and companion for you. A life with them is an experience you shouldn’t miss.
Meet your very own Ukrainian bride right now. Find yourself the most ideal partner and put a stop to your lonely days. A beautiful companion in the persona of a Ukrainian bride is waiting for you. Just say so and she’ll meet with you and make you a very happy man in the process.

What do you need to Know About Ukrainian Brides

Ukraine is a country that is filled with beautiful women. From Donetsk to Kyiv, strikingly beautiful women full of charisma roam the streets. Many men world over would definitely love to spend the rest of their lives with a beautiful woman by their side. When looking for Ukrainian brides here is what you should expect,
Ukrainian women are extremely educated with a majority of them being first degree or masters degree holders from reputable universities. They also like to learn a lot by themselves.
Apart from their beauty, these women are also good cooks and are excellent in preparing exotic dishes. This is a trait that makes them good wives and their caring nature makes them good mothers too.
Ukrainian women are free spirited and easy to get along with. They just love life and are known to be happy most of the time. They are also ready to adapt to change if need be and have a very positive outlook towards life.
Once they fall in love, these women are very intimate with their partners. If a woman from Ukraine falls for you, she could turn out to be that perfect soul mate you have been looking for. Getting a confidante, a lifetime partner and a woman you can trust is very easy in Ukraine
Majority of these women have good, curvy body shapes which go a long way in complementing their natural beauty. This is due to the fact that they like hitting the gym very often and are also very keen on living healthy lifestyles by watching what they eat.
Apart from their outside beauty, Ukrainian women are generous and very welcoming. This is what is referred to as inner beauty, and would definitely be a good trait any man would be looking for in a woman.
Every man would desire to settle down with a good woman, who is well rounded from all aspects. It is not difficult to find one in Ukraine. There are plenty of single, good looking women here.

What to Expect from Ukrainian Women

The many cities of Ukraine hold pretty ladies in its arms. Whether you’re looking for your life’s ultimate companion from Kiev, Nikolaev, Odessa, Lugansk, or Kharkov, there’s certainly one woman who would mesmerize you fully. Being in the company of Ukrainian women whose passion for companionship is intense is what men should strive for.
Ukrainian women are free spirited women. They are naturally happy individuals. They love to enjoy life as it is and explore the world if the chance presents itself. Single women are plenty in Ukraine. It’s the country where you can find hot and beautiful Ukrainian woman who wants to start a beautiful relationship with you.
But more than happy-go-lucky individuals, Ukrainian women are naturally pretty too. They know their gifts of beauty really well and know how to take care of them too. These girls have beautiful faces and wonderful bodies that they are so proud about. With such a girl at your side, the people around you will surely give you a second look.
The passion for love and companionship are also alive among these ladies. These ladies want a partner, not just somebody to have fun with. They want to start a lasting relationship, not a fleeting one. They are looking forward to building a family that nurtures love and care. Life and love can be something utterly wonderful in the company of these women. With them, there’s nothing a man could ask for more.
But more than anything else, these women are in for a more intimate contact with their chosen partner. If you need a soul mate, a confidante, or just about anybody whom you can talk freely to, she’s the one. Ukrainian women can make you feel whole. She’s all you need to make your life complete. So go out there and meet with Ukrainian women today.

More about Ukrainian brides

Looking for a woman to date or marry? Ukrainian brides are the best. They are strikingly gorgeous and can transform your entire life. However, before choosing to marry a Ukrainian lady you should study and understand their psychology since many people are blinded by their outstanding beauty. If you are looking forward to getting an ideal woman then Ukrainian ladies are the best. They are always conscious of their fitness and strive to maintain their shape always. Their dressing code is appreciable and has charisma to attract and blind men.
Ukrainian ladies are the best. But if you fail to know them properly you might not enjoy having one. The most important thing you should know about them before selecting them for marriage is that they differ from other ladies from other liberal western nations, who view dating as enjoyable and pleasurable activity. Ukrainian women take relationship seriously and don’t like games in a relationship. They seek for homely abode for marriage and preserve their feminine personality.
The best thing about these women is that they are multifaceted. They possess modern civilized characteristics and also maintain and uphold their traditional ethics and values. These attributes are awesome to be present in a lady especially in this crazy world. As the saying goes, if you marry the wrong wife she will turn you into a philosopher and you will find yourself lecturing others about life. However with Ukrainian brides you will be the happiest man on earth.
These ladies are selective when it comes to choosing a life partner. They look for men who can meet their emotional needs as well as showing them love and care. They are the best homemakers to make your home a better place to be. In their traditions and culture, a woman is imbibed with the notion that she must give birth for her to be complete. Therefore to them bearing a child is their major priority.
Ukrainian brides are family oriented and no matter the situation they do everything to bind their family with affection and care. They possess crucial characteristics such as; honesty, charisma, tolerance etc. survey depicts that in Russia fights between couples are rare. A lady bred and raised in Russia is the best. Get one and meet core objectives of your relationship.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Want to know the truth about large Internet Dating Sites ?

The truth is that large corporate Dating websites that feature thousands of unbelievably beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women, costly internet correspondence, pay per minute web-chat, phone calls and socials are lying to you.  The overwhelming majority of the women featured on these sites have no intention of ever leaving their home country for an Ordinary Joe and these websites know it.  These sites make it seem as if they are giving these stunning ladies away at the airport and all you need to do is write a few letters, spend some time chatting or to attend one of their tour socials.  Nothing could be further from the truth.
The truth about the overwhelming majority of these Russian Bride websites is that they are just interested in separating you from your money, one letter at a time and in reality they could care less if you find what you are looking for or not.  These sites are largely populated from sources that are not real marriage agencies.  They are largely unregulated and react in a reactionary fashion to any problems that you might have, if at all.  Their systems are set up to make money and nothing more.  Their correspondence is largely unverified and really you have no way of knowing if you are corresponding with the lady in the profile or not.  On-line chat aka Pay per chat is even worse.  If the lady has no web cam then you have no way of knowing if you are truly chatting with the lady in the profile or not.  Even if the lady does have a web cam, we have learned that she is more than likely chatting with many fellows simultaneously and being compensated in some way.  The host website really has no way to regulate this.  They have set up a system that is easily manipulated by those who are only trying to make money.  Socials are largely unorganized and unscreened.  Most of the ladies that you write to will not be at this social, as is implied.  Real ladies that are truly looking for a husband will not attend these socials again after experiencing one first hand.  Do the math, 400 girls, 50 guys? 
Does it sound like a legitimate way for a lady to meet a man?  Also, most of the girls getting all the attention are the young and pretty ones that are just there for gifts, dinners and money being lavished upon them by unsuspecting, uninitiated suckers that attend.  You would actually be better off finding a lady in one of Kiev or Odessa's many nightclubs than at one of these socials.  At least the ladies at the nightclubs do not have some preconceived plan to separate you from your money and leave you high and dry.     
Do some men find their ladies this way?  Yes, some do get lucky, but the number is so small that it is not even worth consideration.  You probably have a much better chance of being struck by lightning than you do using one of the methods listed above on one of these Russian Bride Meat-Market websites.  Also, of those men that are successful, with Russian Brides and other sorts of foreign brides, no more than roughly 17% of those unions last more than a year once the lady is in the U.S, per the USCIS statistics.  Why do so many foreign brides go home?  It is probably because their union is based on misconceptions and misinformation that is perpetuated by these Russian Bride websites.  The man and the woman are expecting something that may not exist with this particular person and they are ultimately doomed to fail.
So, what is a man or a woman that is looking for a foreign marriage to do?  Are any of the women or agencies that populate these sites real and legitimate?  Yes, but how do you know which ones?  Believe it or not, for every 100 or so unscrupulous so-called "marriage agencies" in the Former Soviet Union, there are a few real ones that provide a legitimate service to both their male and female clients.  But how do you find these sites?  Unfortunately it is very difficult.  Because of financial limitations, even good agencies are forced to work with these Corporate Russian Bride Factory websites so that they can attract clients to their agencies and stay afloat while doing so.  The unfortunate thing is that the large website seldom funnels clients directly to these agencies, so few men ever find them.
Why subject yourself to the unknown that is offered by these large correspondence sites? 

Why are so Many Russian and Ukrainian Women Single ?

In the present days many Ukrainian and Russian women can boast they have everything: great job, careers, homes, cars, but they lack a partner in their life to make it complete. Very often Ukrainian woman feels lonely and miss that special one by her side.
Why does this happen?
The thing is that Ukrainian and Russian ladies prefer staying alone, than just getting married to anyone. It doesn’t mean they don’t need a husband, a close person to share life with, to love and take care of. Russian girls have their standards and requirements from the life companion and very rare compromise on that, unless it is crazy love.
While many men break their heads on how to date with a Ukrainian woman and how marry her, Ukrainian  women continue their thorough search of a perfect partner. It takes much time and effort to win the hearts of these women. However, if you are interested on how to marry a Russian or Ukrainian woman, you can look for the related articles and tips on-line.
Single Ukrainian woman never losses hope to find her one and only. As Russian and Ukrainian  people say, hope dies the last. So women are waiting and waiting.
What women are single? There are certain types of women that stay single longer than the rest of them
First of all, these are women with high demands and requirements to their future husband. They just need to understand that nobody is perfect and be more objective to the men. However, a must factor for every Russian and Ukrainian woman is a man with a kind heart, strong character and generous, loving soul.
The second type is single  women with kids. These women look not only for the life time partner, but also a good father to their children. It is not an easy task to find common language with someone’s children; it is a known fact that is why, as a rule, single mothers stay single longer than other woman.
Another type of Ukrainian women, who stay longer single are business ladies. This is explicable, women, who are working hard to get promotion, build their own business, develop on a career ladder, etc. put much time and forces into this so that they simply have no time to be active on a dating scene. Even if these ladies get on dates, strong and independent women scare away the majority of men, since, as a rule, they look for the weak sex to take care of.
This is only a small part that explains why there are so many Russian and Ukrainian woman looking for their soul mate on-line.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Few Reasons Why Ukrainian Women Make Great Brides For Western Men

Over the years there has been an influx of Russian and Ukrainian Women in to the western world. A large number of these arrived by way of marriage. Many people question, why would a man want to marry a girl from Ukraine ? While each individual is unique, there are actually quite a few reasons why Ukrainian women make such desirable wives.
The ladies of Ukraine take appearance very seriously. Style is an important part of Ukrainian culture and girls like to look their best at all times. Ukraine is a country where there are only eight women to every ten men. Starting at a young age, women are taught that their chances of finding a husband are much greater if they always present themselves in a manner that is attractive to men. Therefore, it is uncommon to find a Ukrainian girl in public without her hair styled and make-up applied. Dresses, high heels, and miniskirts are not reserved for special occasions, but are worn on a daily basis.
 As a nation, Ukrainian's are far less overweight than most western countries. A large part of this is due to the relatively small amount of fast food that is consumed in Ukraine. Additionally, Ukrainian people eat much smaller quantities of food on a daily basis. This may be partially attributed to the economy. Ukrainian's also get a fair amount of exercise simply because many do not own cars. When commuting by foot and public transportation you end up burning a lot of calories.
Feminism in Ukraine does not exist in the same way as western countries. Most women in Ukraine are very proud of their femininity. From birth, Ukrainian girls are raised with the goal, of one day being a wife and mother. Therefore, being a housewife has never been something that was looked down upon, but something that is embraced. While many women wish to have a career, their desire to be a mother is stronger.
Family values are instilled in Ukrainian women from an early age. In Ukraine, family comes before everything else. Once a woman is married she considers her husband the most important man in her life. No household decisions would ever be made without consulting with her husband first. In Ukrainian culture, women always do their best to respect their husband, understanding that he will always nurture and take care of them in return.
Money is less important to a Ukrainian lady than it is to women of many other cultures. That is because the women in Ukraine are used to living with out large amounts of money. For the most part, as their most basic needs (e. G., food, water, shelter) are met, Ukrainian people will be consent. A Ukrainian girl does not need to be wealthy to be happy.
The number of reasons that someone may want to marry a Ukrainian are is plentiful. Of course, every man has different things he looks for in a bride. For many men, Russian and Ukrainian Women posses just the right combination of different characteristics to make a great wife.

Learn How to Flirt with Ukrainian Women

Have you ever experienced disinterest from a Ukrainian lady that you like? She doesn’t pay any attention to you. If you face the same situation again and again, you need to learn how to flirt with Russian and Ukrainian women. Here you will find some lessons on how to.
The first thing you need to bear in mind is that flirt is not only a conversation with a woman you are attacked to, but also body language. If you are efficient ‘talking’ with the help of your body, the results would be beyond your expectations.
Psychologists consider that if a man shows the buckle of his belt, touches it or puts his hands in the pockets, he is focusing woman’s attention on a ‘definite’ part of his body. The same thing is true about women, when they lick their lips, adjust their clothes or play with their hair.
There are three types of flirting in psychological classification: glance, smile and slope of head. Much of your success depends on your ability to smicker or ‘make eyes’. However, don’t limit your smickering only by a glance; don’t forget about sincere friendly smile, just a bit slopped head and your ‘right’ location to your target lady.  Considering all this, a Russian woman will pay her attention to you and like you, no doubt.
Leading a conversation with a Ukrainian lady, don’t fail to show your sincere interest to what she is telling you. ‘Too much’ of interest will be better than its absence or showing you are bored, thus you will most probably be dumped. Laugh sincerely at her jokes and joke, but know the limits.
To make sure your flirt has effect, pay attention at her gestures and facial expression. If you notice her blushing and moving closer to you, hear her laughing at your jokes, be sure she is interested in you and you’ve got all the chances to move on and work on the development of your relationship.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Qualities of Ukrainian Women

So what’s so special about Ukrainian women? We offer you only a fraction of Ukrainian girls qualities that are so appreciated by foreigners and very often ignored by Ukrainian men.
1. Beauty. For many years Ukrainian women are rightfully recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the world. According to the foreigners so many beauties can not be found on any street of the world.
2. Domesticity. Ukrainian women like to cook very tasty, keep the house clean and economically maintain family life. Recipes and tips have been sent to Ukrainian women from generation to generation. And Ukrainian women do so not because they “have to”, but because they like to do it.
3. Sensuality. Ukrainian women are passionate and emotional. They display a whole range of women’s feelings: tenderness, jealousy, affection, resentment, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and support.
4. Wisdom. The ability to deal with serious problems, get out of difficult situations, to lead a man to success are those qualities that help Ukrainian women to survive even in the most difficult circumstances.
5. A mother’s love. The love which Ukrainian women give to their children is admirable. No wonder Ukrainian culture has got a lot of songs about mothers and their boundless warmth to their children.
6. Love to work. One of the main adjectives that writers rewarded Ukrainian girls in their books is “hardworking”. “Beautiful and hardworking” – were the main qualities for enviable bride. Times have changed, but incredible ability to work has left in the genes of Ukrainian ladies. Some women are working more than just one job to provide the kids with all needed, remaining gentle loving wives at the same time.
7. Talent. Ukrainian women love to dance and sing, and have a great sense of humor. Almost every girl in Ukraine has some creative talent.
8. Intellect. Ukrainian girls have a high level of intelligence. Many attend universities after school graduation, and later work as programmers, engineers, designers, translators.
9. Respect for religion and parents. Ukrainian tradition says it is needed to love, respect and appreciate parents and the traditions of generations.
10. Desire to be beloved wife. The majority of Ukrainian women since childhood dream to marry a nice husband and create a happy family, keep home comfort and to bring up children.

Single Women in Ukraine

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ukrainian Women Dating Advise

Many gentlemen after meeting a beautiful Ukrainian or Russian women probably wonder why she is still single, especially if she is no longer in her 30's. Many men who are searching for Ukrainian or Russian women wonder why when they sign up to a dating site there are so many beautiful single women and wonder if they actually are real. They feel confused and suspicious that so many women are still single when they are so gorgeous and well educated.
There are many things in Russian and Ukrainian women that men all over the world find extremely alluring. Ukrainian women have the most beautiful bodies and deep set eyes, many men just find these women simply irresistible. It is understandable why the name hot Russian brides has come to being. Most Ukrainian women are also accorded with natural grace and a flair for intelligence. Ukrainian and Russian women are very emotional  compared to most other women, some men find this a very big turn-on, these women can also be very hot tempered and often very forward, gentlemen should not let this worry them.
Naturally, you would be familiar with these facts; otherwise you would not be looking for a Russian bride on line. It is worth stressing that Ukrainian women can be very demonstrative and emotional and you should always consider their feelings when you say things to them. They do put a great deal of emphasis on the spoken word, so only say what you really mean or it could very easily be misinterpreted.
Many Russian and Ukrainian women have been working as models, actresses, or dancers before their marriage and they are most likely exceptionally beautiful. They know their value when it comes to their looks, but not all of them are trying to take advantage of it when it comes to relationships. Ukrainian's and Russians are modest by nature and they prefer to draw a line between their public and their private life.
Ukrainian women know very well how to project themselves as sexy hot women when needed, they often use their alluring charms to ensnare men. But make no mistake this does not mean the Ukrainian women is an easy fish to catch! Ukrainian women are very accustomed to men offering obscene offers, and can tell a man with only sexual intentions a mile away. Russian and Ukrainian men are very forward with their offers to  women, and Ukrainian women spend a large amount of time fending of men who are only interested in a sexual liaisons. It is common for Ukrainian and  Russian men to drive about the city propositioning any women they may see.
In Russia and Ukraine alcoholism is a major problem, it is a  women's biggest hate, if you have a Ukrainian or Russian women, she will be very conscious of your drinking habits. Ukrainian women will not accept any husband with a drinking problem, it is the worst problem in Ukraine and Russia and you can be sure a women will not move from her home country to live with a man with drinking problem. They loathe men who ignore their families under the influence of alcohol. Alcoholism is a major problem deeply embedded in society and culture.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

There is no doubt Ukrainian or Russian women are the most beautiful in the world

It is clear in many men's minds that Ukrainian and Russian women are the most beautiful in the world. In fact, many men are discovering that aside from their beauty Ukrainian women make the perfect wife. However there has been a lot of bad press about Russian women and the Ukrainian bride's topic much of it not true.
Ukrainian woman on average seek out a partner is between the ages of 25-30. So if you are looking through profiles on one of the dating sites you will see that most women are of a young age.
Many Western women have been very worked up with the fact that their men would rather fly thousands of miles to Russia or Ukraine to find a Ukrainian beauty and have been turning their back on the local girls.
Of course not every man is interested in flying to Ukraine to find a bride, everyone has their own tastes, but many men start to show a interest in Russian and Ukrainian women because of what they hear in the media, you only have to watch the Russian tennis players to understand how men can soon show an interest in Russian women.
As well as being very beautiful Russian and Ukrainian women are also very intelligent, and well educated. A lot of people think that simply because you are opting to marry a woman from Russia or Ukraine that she will automatically want to be a housewife. This is not the case so much now, an educated Ukrainian or Russian woman is like any women from the West and likes to make a career, but Ukrainian women would never put her career before family that will always come first.
Many Ukrainian women hold degrees and are only too happy to earn some money to help the family out if you find a Ukrainian women like this you are very lucky.
Over the last decade there have been many bad stories and lies spread about Russian brides by western women and the internet,  they have become stereotyped but this stereotyping and assumptions about Russian and Ukrainian women is pure ignorance , and you should not let it put you off searching for a Ukrainian or Russian bride.
Ukrainian women are like any other women from any part of the world, they are simply looking for a partner that will love them and stick by them. A Russian woman wants to have a happy family which is strong and full of love, by tradition a strong happy family is the most important thing to a Ukrainian or Russian women. Many western women believe that these women are stealing their men, but it's a free world and everyone has the right to decide who they want to marry.
Best of luck with your searches

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Russian and Ukrainian Online Dating Blacklists: What You Should Know

There she is.  The most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen looking into the camera, her emails to you over the past months professing her undying love and now she says she’s ready to take your relationship to the next level.  Yet, in the back of your mind, you can’t shake the nagging suspicion that it’s all too good to be true.  “No one that young and beautiful could ever really love me like she says she does,” you tell yourself.  So, like many others, you search the internet for proof that that your suspicions are founded and that the young lady who claims to love you really has ulterior motives.
 Without a doubt, you can likely find negative comments made about any company or organization if you look for it.  Just as easily, you can find websites claiming that the moon landing was staged, Elvis is still alive and the Earth is actually flat.  Everyone has an opinion and, with the increasing availability of internet access and the ease in setting up a free homepage of your very own, everyone has the ability to share their opinion, unchecked, with the entire world.  It does not seem to matter whether the information is truthful or accurate; opinion is paraded as “fact” without any regard to the possible repercussions.
 This is true even when it comes to “anti-scam” and “black list” websites, which claim to spread the “truth” about Russian dating and “mail order bride” services.  Now, we won’t comment on whether one such list or another is telling the truth; we’ll leave that determination up to you and your own personal experiences.  What we can do, however, is share some tips to help you sort out the facts from fiction.
 How to Judge a Black List
 1. First and foremost, keep in mind that any website which is considered to be an “International Marriage Broker” must obey applicable laws which govern their industry; however the so called “blacklist” websites are not regulated by ANYONE.  There are no “official” black list websites or agencies for the international dating and correspondence industry, so any information you see posted to these “black list” websites should be considered the publisher’s subjective opinion.  Want to check with a reliable source?  While there are none specific to international dating and marriage broker services, there are many official consumer protection organizations which may be trusted, both within the government as well as in the private sector.
 2. Trust your own judgment.  Ultimately, with a little common sense and objectivity, you are the best judge of what’s really going on.  Obviously, if a lady is asking for money or gifts, cease contact and report her to the site’s administrator.  Be cautious about giving out your personal information.  Be wary if she’s in a rush to meet off the site or too quick in professing her undying love before you get to know one another.  While this doesn’t necessarily make her a “scammer” since some people are quick to become emotionally attached to a potential mate, it should raise a red flag.  If you are unsure or something doesn’t seem right, contact the administrator for the site you’re using.  A trustworthy service will investigate your concerns and discuss them with you, no matter the outcome of their investigation.
3. Accept the fact that very few people do things purely out of altruism.  Such people do exist, but most people are motivated by personal gain, whether this is monetary or simply petty revenge.  So, when someone offers something to you, ask yourself “what does this person stand to gain if I accept and follow their opinions?”
4. Check which websites have purchased advertising space on a blacklist site, and then compare these sites to the ones who appear on the “approved” or “safe” list.  If you only see one or two advertisers and they’re high up on the “safe” list, it is possible the “blacklist” owner is receiving kickbacks from the “approved” website.  You should especially be suspicious if links to these sites appear to be part of an affiliate program, where the blacklist publisher receives money in exchange for traffic sent to the linked site.
5. Look closely at reports that come as a result of a failed relationship.  Sadly, many women are accused of being “scammers” simply because of a personal dispute.  The dissolution of a relationship can be very painful and sometimes, in pain, a man will stretch the truth or even outright lie to make the woman seem much more villainous…and make themselves seem more like the victim.    So always take post-breakup reports with a very large grain of salt.  If you weren’t there and don’t know either of the people involved personally, it’s impossible to know what REALLY happened when the couple broke up.
6. Watch out for disgruntled, former employees.  Keep in mind that, in order for websites and agency offices to keep running, a staff must be employed.  Just as in every industry, there will be unfortunate cases in which a staff member’s employment must be involuntarily terminated.  This is never a pleasant event, but in rare cases, former employees may seek retribution by making up stories about their former employers.
 7. Look for the evidence.  Regrettably, many reports of scammers are presented in a “he said, she said” fashion.  They are 100% based upon hearsay, rather than objective evidence.  When you read through these reports, ask yourself “Where is the evidence?”  Is the blacklist’s publisher showing you the email (with headers) and screenshots of the alleged scammer at work…or simply asking you to take their word for it?