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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Acquaintances

Advantages: Firstly, you are in the control of whether to leave personal information on the Internet, or choose the partner for correspondence from those who left their data in the database. Secondly, educational and cultural level of people, who are searching for such kind of acquaintance, is, as a rule, high enough to write coherent letters and messages to you. Thirdly, such kind of acquaintance helps to find out person's character well enough before the moment of real meeting. Messages can tell a lot about lifestyle, main life objectives and preferences of the person. Fourthly, it is the safest kind of acquaintance and if approaching it seriously, it is possible to recognize at the initial stage of correspondence cheaters and down line builders of multilevel marketing, whom we meet not only in real life, but online as well.
Disadvantages: Firstly, even today not everyone has a personal computer at home, and, accordingly, Internet access, and these factors are one of the main conditions of communicating online and establishing a relationship; though many people use for this purpose office computers, but in this case there is a risk of non-observance of confidentiality of personal correspondence.
Purpose of Acquaintance
The world of communications and Internet limits us only to verbal dialogue, leaving the nonverbal side of communication aside. In this connection, one of the most important things is defining the purpose of acquaintance and finding the partner with similar intentions — this will lead to the successful development of relations started online. Therefore before starting dating online with the opposite sex, it is good to ask yourself a question: "What is the purpose of my acquaintance with the woman (man) on the Internet?" Certainly, it is possible to use Napoleonic method: "Let's start it and see where it goes", but in this case be ready, that most likely the time spent to find new friends in this way will be spent in vain. Do you want this? If not, we recommend to define first, what you want from the person you are searching for:
a) correspondence;
b) virtual romance;
c) real meeting with the purpose of:
 - flirting;
 - serious relations;
 - intimate relations.
In each separate case correspondence should have a certain character and offer the virtual partner the chosen script of development of relations. If not keeping to the purpose of acquaintance, the other side may be in great perplexity, and further correspondence can become useless. For example, if you have responded to the ad in the section "searching friends according to interests", do not hope, that you will be offered a real relationship or sex after a few letters. And on the contrary, if you have responded to the ad in the section "intimate relations", then be sure that exactly this is what expected from your side, and delaying in the correspondence the moment of meeting will lead only to the fact, that the interest to your profile will quickly go out. It is necessary to consider that in virtual dialogue it is impossible to express precisely your true feelings and desires and, even a single wrong word can lead to the end of correspondence, and as a result — the end of acquaintance.
Even a worthy compliment said on the phone can sound like a mockery if the purposes of acquaintance do not coincide. On the contrary, you will notice how the situation develops when the purposes of acquaintance are the same and people accurately keep to them. First, it will help you to avoid casual acquaintances with people who do not know what the want or want something different than you. Secondly, it will give you full freedom when writing letters, as there will be no necessity to carefully choose words for each next letter, and, the most important fact is that you will find a desired partner or friend, instead of a casual company.
Below is a brief summary of the points discussed above:
 1.In the first letter let the lady (man) know what you expect from the correspondence.
 2.Lead all your numerous letters to the subject of your common interests and purposes of acquaintance.
 3.Do not try to deceive the other side by taking his/her purpose of acquaintance. Most likely you will not be able to keep up this purpose during a further private conversation, and furthermore during a personal meeting.
 4.If you do not know what you want from the lady (man) — never get acquainted on the Internet. Such acquaintances will be only a waste of time for you.
Conclusion: the chance is very small that Internet acquaintances will save you from loneliness. But they will brighten up your everyday live and fill it with new impressions and exciting game. If you are not only trying to solve your personal problems, such acquaintances will give you many new friends worldwide, and, maybe, new business partners. Such acquaintances will also increase your self-estimation and give a hope for a happy outcome of your searches. And who knows, maybe, you will be the happy exception from the rule when, thanks to the Internet
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