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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Popularity of Ukrainian and Russian Women Among Western Men

Everyone has heard about a western man who is looking for a Ukrainian or Russian woman. But have you ever wondered why these women are so popular among western men? An explanation for this can is as follows: many western men are trying to find a Ukrainian  wife for them because they think they are better than women from their own country. There may be several reasons for this.

The main reason is a Ukrainian women's appearance. Everyone knows that Ukrainian and Russian women can be distinguished by their beauty and a milky white color of the skin. They have stunning features and perfect complexions. Most of them are blondes with great body shapes. There is no limit to the praises and compliments that they get from men all over the world. You can notice immediately the dignity that comes out from their pleasing smiles and at the same time sexiness coming from their seducing eyes. And most importantly they are very smart and know how to carry their beauty and make all men go after them.
However, the beauty is not the only thing that western men look for in Ukrainian wives. They are also known for their extreme commitment level as they believe in only one marriage in life and try to support their spouses in everything they do. Ukrainian and Russian women are exemplary mothers. They bring up their children with great love and care and help them become good individuals. Family is definitely a priority for them rather than a career. They are great housewives and they love to cook and it is important for them to live in a beautiful clean place and they do not crack under bad conditions. When you enter the place they live at, you can feel how organized, independent and confident they are. They are skilled in various arts like stitching and embroidery. Russian wives are also very talented in different forms of self-caring like hair cutting and prefer to do little things themselves rather than visit beauty salons. It is the same with the clothing; they love to mend or even make the clothes all by themselves.

Ukrainian wives have great taste and dress up fashionably and with great grace. They can always find the right outfit for any occasion as they are very good at adapting to different cultures. The only problem that could appear is a language barrier, but they can learn English quickly. Ukrainian and Russian wives are well-educated and this makes western men proud to take their wives along to any social gathering. Some of them even acquire professional degrees and achieve a great career, but family always stays on top of their priorities for them. However, if required they can earn for their families with their professional degree.
Western men seek Russian and Ukrainian wives with the help of various Russian matchmaking companies. These companies are local as well as online matchmaking companies. These companies offer portfolio of various eligible Ukrainian women.

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Monday, February 4, 2013

Saint Valentine's Day in Ukraine

Saint Valentine's Day - is one of the youngest holidays in Ukraine. This holiday has been celebrated by a lot of people in Western Europe and the United States since the thirteenth century. Ukraine has started to celebrate it since the early 90-ies of the previous century.
A classic emblem of Valentine's Day is red roses and "Valentines card", this emblem appeared in 15 century. This invention belongs to Charles Duke of Orleans, who, struggling with boredom in prison, wrote love letters to his wife. By 16th century "valentines card" had become very popular. Nowadays, "valentines card" can be easily sent by e-mail. Traditional concerts, beauty contests are held on Saint Valentine's Day in Ukraine. Much attention is paid to promotion of a healthy lifestyle.  There are all types of cards in Ukrainian or Russian which you can buy, and many shops would do thematic decoration. But there is no element of social pressure: no one realy expects you to do anything.

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