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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Interesting Facts about Ukrainian Women

Let’s talk “differences”
In comparison to other women from different western countries, Ukrainian women have an ace up their sleeve, differences that contribute to their appeal:
1 Ukrainian women are pros when it comes to attracting males, and generally speaking, flirtatious behavior is viewed as something normal.
2 In Ukraine, “extra junk in the trunk” (think fat) in young women who don’t take care of themselves and have an unsightly appearance is not greeted well in many cities. But ironically enough, the same expectation doesn’t apply to Ukrainian men.
3 It is a routine to walk a lot in Ukraine; therefore, many hot Ukrainian women aren’t accustomed to being overweight or out of shape. Besides, unhealthy junk foods, though more abundant, are not very popular choice among Ukrainians.
4 Confusion in a gender role and paranoia associated with sexual harassment that is more prevalent in other western countries, particularly in the United States, is not common in Ukraine. To show your sex appeal or manliness is not something to be afraid of.
5 Ukrainian women do not feel an insistent need to be independent from men, thus they identify less with their career. Usually they are more comfortable with performing typical female roles and don’t have an urge to compete with men or worse, outperform them
For an average Joe, such traits are very desirable. Many men often cry about women from their home countries, saying that they have “unrealistic financial expectations”, “care only about their career” or “don’t take care of themselves and not nearly as feminine”.
 Ukrainian women are very appealing for such men. They usually have lower expectations and are more domestic, feminine and very attractive.
 What chances do you have with a Ukrainian woman?
To be straightforward, if you are a western male of European descent, your chances look pretty good. Arabs and Turks seem to do good as well. Arriving from a well-developed country immediately places you way above “local” competition. Even more so, if you would ever go to an economically depressed small Ukrainian town, you will be looked upon as god.
In this case, you will probably feel flattered and spoiled by the amount of attention you will be getting from women counterparts which you never met back home. But don’t be too na├»ve.
Ukrainian women know their worth and thus wouldn’t fall just for anyone, even if that someone has money and power

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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sexy Ukrainian Girls are More than Hot

To tell you the truth, cheap hookers can also be hot and attractive, it is their job. But don’t ever think that sexy Ukrainian girls are just for pleasure - they are much more than that. They are very smart and talented. And the Hollywood is the proof of that statement.
Ukrainian women of Hollywood
Hollywood has a good share of talented Ukrainian actresses under its belt. Let’s take a look at the famous few:
A Ukrainian born actress Mila Kunis who starred in a movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, came from the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev – the city with the world’s most beautiful women.
Next stop, Mila Jovovich: very smart and talented Hollywood actress. Everyone enjoyed seeing her as an ass kicking hero in such action movies as “The Fifth Element” and “Resident Evil”. And she was born in…Kiev!
And what about Olga Kurylenko, she is one hot Ukrainian girl! She played the role of beautiful Camille Montes in 2008 James Bond movie: Quantum of Solace. She wasn’t born in Kiev, but that doesn’t matter: she is hot, smart and talented.
Women in Ukraine are well educated and always available to talk about books, politics or philosophy – that is so hot! Most of them focus on healthy life style; they eat fresh homemade meals and participate in plenty of outdoor and indoor activities. This kind of routine keeps them in good shape and looking good.
What makes sexy Ukrainian girls so…sexy?
According to a dictionary, the word “sexy” has a few meanings, one of them being glamorous and excitingly appealing. This definition is a perfect description for many Ukrainian girls. Why? Because they strive looking their best!
They like shopping for makeup and new clothes in order to look attractive and elegant no matter the season. Most of them believe that what you look on the outside shows what you are on the inside. They try to stay on par with fashion, yet they are not careless when it comes to spending money.
It is hard to explain and understand, but Ukrainian women have the mysterious skill of buying what they want at the fraction of the cost! They are not spoiled brats, they are hard workers (at home and at work) therefore they are able to be completely independent and survive all sorts of difficulties without any bitching.
Hot Ukrainian girls are not just hot – they are smart, talented, tough and sexy. Sounds like a description of a perfect woman to me, don’t you think so?

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5 tips about dating Ukrainian women

It is only natural for men to do a detailed research before even starting a relationship with a woman from a different country, in this case Ukraine. Here is the list of 5 useful tips on how to meet and court Ukrainian girls.
Tip #1: Be open-minded
Meeting Ukrainian women for dating would mean to change the usual scheme of things a bit. Many things are totally different in Ukraine, and you need to be open minded about it. Some things may seem unusual and even strange. Some things that women would say might not be logical to you at first, but don’t let that confuse you, just keep your mind open and accept things as they are.
Tip #2: Stop being paranoid
Many men chicken out about the thought that “it seems too good to be true” to meet a very beautiful woman from Ukraine and get married to have a happy family. Stop being paranoid, otherwise you wouldn’t get anything!
Tip #3: Keep it real!
Keep your expectations realistic and know what you want. It is possible to find and meet Ukrainian women for dating who are much younger, yet your odds are against you if the age difference is over 15 years. Keep in mind this simple rule: the bigger the age difference, the less is the chance your relationship will last.
Tip #4: Be a real man!
Here is something you did not know about Ukrainian women (if you knew – congratulations), they expect to meet a “real man”. In other words, they would expect you to take the lead in the relationship, move it forward – you are the leader and she is your faithful follower. Don’t be lazy but ambitious and show her that you know exactly what you want and that you’d do everything possible to get it.
Dating Ukrainian women: to kiss or not to kiss, that is tip #5
You found what you wanted, and feel pretty good about your choice, and now you are ready to meet her in person for the very first time. The question that bothers you is this: “When can I kiss her?” It is important that you know your Ukrainian woman well before you even attempt this romantic move. When you meet her for the first time, make sure to gift her flowers, look her in the eyes and gently shake her hand while greeting her, she’d love it.
Ukrainian women for dating would never kiss you unless they are really into you. Watch her body language, and if you see her sweetly smiling at you, if she’s paying attention to everything you say and she doesn’t look bored, then you can try the first kiss. It should be light and gentle, but not on a forehead. Do not use your tongue or make a kiss demanding. If you are lucky enough, you will be kissed back, enjoy

Bridesofukraine Dating Agency