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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Are Ukrainian Women And Russian Women Really Seeking Foreign Husbands?

Thousands of Ukrainian women and Russian women are seeking a foreign husband for a very simple reason: they cannot find a suitable partner in their homeland. Since she was a young girl, a typical Ukrainian woman has been taught by her mother how to become a beautiful bride and a good wife. Every year, men from around the world decide to make one of these Russian and Ukrainian sexy women their beautiful wives.
How many women from Ukraine and Russia are actually seeking a husband outside their country and why are they doing so?
  1. According to the 2002 census, women from Ukraine and Russia outnumber men by approx. 10 Millions.
  2. By tradition, Ukraine women and Russian women are very family oriented and seek to form a strong family.
  3. Because they cannot find a suitable partner in their own country, many decide to look for a foreign husband.
  4. Not for economics or any other reason; simply because they wish to fulfill their dream: become a beautiful Russian wife.
What about Ukrainian scam artists, Russian scammers and dating scams? Are all these international dating websites honest? Are these Russian brides for real?
Unfortunately, there are many Ukrainian scam artists, Russian scammers and dating scams on the internet. Among the hundreds of international dating websites offering to introduce Ukrainian and Russian women, not all are honest. But the fact that many women of former USSR seek a foreign husband remains, so one simply have to be careful in choosing an honest and reliable international dating website. Once this choice made, any serious and decent man can find his Russian bride.
What matchmaking service is best? Free dating websites or one that works with Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies?
Without a doubt, Ukrainian and Russian marriage agencies offer the best matchmaking services. Unlike free dating websites, they meet every Ukrainian and Russian woman and verify their identity with passport. They interview them to make sure they are serious at seeking a foreign husband and willing to relocate in his country.
On a free dating website, there is no such matchmaking service and anyone if free to sign-up without any identity proof, thus opening the door to scammers and dating scams.
So many terms: mail order brides, sexy Russian girls, hot Ukrainian ladies. Why so many expressions?
As we all know; mail order brides refer to an era when a woman would travel the ocean to join a man with who she only exchanged a few snail letters. Of course this era is far behind but for some reason the mail order brides remains. These Ukrainian women and Russian women are modern and educated women not brides who can be ordered by mail or internet.
Sexy Russian girls and hot Ukrainian girls are commonly used terms in Russian and the Ukraine. Unlike other parts of the world, it doesn’t necessary mean a young woman or anything bad. A 35 year old Russian woman can be referred to as a sexy Russian girl and it can be a compliment.
So all these terms mean the same and are simply about Russian women and Ukraine women.
Ukrainian women and Russian women are family oriented and make excellent wives. If you are serious about finding your future bride in Eastern Europe, no doubt you will find your Russian wife.

Finding an Eastern European Bride | Look Beyond the Photo and Read Her Profile

Every man alive wants a womaLinkn who is beautiful, intelligent, educated, fit, stylish, and sexy.

The problem with this may be that there may not seem to be many women around you who possess all of these attributes that are available – and the ones that are tend to have both a string of admirers and an attitude. If this seems to be the case where you are there is still hope: in many countries there is a severe shortage of nice, intelligent, and stable men!

Russia and Eastern Europe are perfect examples of this. In Russia alone there is currently a ration of 88 men for every 100 women – meaning there are ten million more Russian women than men. This is a huge imbalance; and it’s very likely that there may be a woman among those ten million permanently single ladies that may be right for you.

While this is encouraging to many men, we recommend you not lose yourself in the thrill of the chase and become “greedy” – that is, fanatic about finding a Russian or Ukrainian woman who is perfect in every way, and as young as you can get.

Keep in mind that the greater age difference there is between you and your lady means that there is a higher possibility of your marriage failing – you’d be in different stages of your lives, after all! We recommend keeping the age difference to a maximum of 10 years for best results.

Take a look at Bridesofukraine for a look at your dream woman. Using the search function you can control for age, height, weight, education, foreign language knowledge, kids, even eye color and hair length! You can also add your own data, to see which women are looking for a guy like you.

Remember to look at the woman’s profile as well as her picture – and keep an open mind! You never know what wonderful woman may be available to you.

I Want To Meet a Russian Woman – Importance of Your Profile

This is an article I found is about the importance of posting an accurate profile when searching for a Russian bride online. He talks about the importance of being honest about you, your likes and dislikes. Their are many things to consider when thinking about marriage and finding the perfect mate. Be honest about your expectations concerning children. Also, be honest about any previous family situations, divorces, whether or not you have children living with you. Your future Russian bride will most likely want to have a family of her own with you so you must consider her wishes and how they mesh with your plans for the future.

Beautiful Russian Girl

He also talks about the importance of being honest about your physical characteristics and don’t overstate the facts. After all, you will eventually need to meet the person on the other end of the letters and she will know the truth about your physic at that time. There is no need to lie about yourself since most of these Russian and Ukrainian girls are interested more in your character and how you will treat her. Even an average guy that knows how to treat a woman with respect and honesty will win out over the dishonest “hunk” of a man without a doubt. Something to keep in mind.

Meeting Russian Women for Marriage – A Great Profile is a Necessity!

Think about how important a girls profile is in regards to whether or not you will want to contact her and take the next step. A profile that does not stand out does not catch your attention, and thus you just throw it to the bottom of the pile, so to speak. Well has it ever occurred to you that if your profile does not “shine” on a dating website that a potential mate will do the same when they read your profile? It is vital that you have a great profile, and here I am going to show you a few things that you need to include in order to make finding the perfect Russian woman a success.

Make sure that you are completely honest in your profile. Of course you want to make yourself sound good and appealing to the opposite sex, but at the same time you do not need to lie to these Russian beauties. Just be honest and upfront about your hobbies, interest, and things of that nature.

Another important thing to consider is the individual appeal of your profile. You need to be different, and stand out from the crowd. Now I know you might be thinking, “Nothing in my life stands out.” This is simply not true; you probably have a talent or skill that some women will find attractive, even if most American women see it as odd or weird. You do not need to be afraid to be yourself. Just be sincere!

When you are creating your profile, it is important that a Russian girl sees your sense of humor. Russian women love men that have a good sense of humor, but it is also important that you do not come off as vulgar or offensive. There are many gentlemen on this website, so if you portray yourself as someone that is looking for sex, and not a relationship or marriage, then you will not attract favor from any of these women. And Russian women do not like men that drink alcohol in excess. Very important point!

Another thing that beautiful Russian women looking for a date do not want to here is your problems. Do not portray yourself as a man who feels sorry for himself. Do you know what this will show a Russian girl? It will show her that you are weak, and not capable of taking care of her. If you have your own sob story, and cannot get over something that has happened to you in your life, then how are you going to successfully court a beautiful woman of any ethnicity?

It is also important to consider the accuracy of your physical description. A lot of men try to define themselves as Greek Gods, with a perfect body. It is not necessary to be a perfect physical specimen in order to attract beautiful females. “What Russian women want are real men, men they can laugh with and just have a good time!” You would be surprised to know that many Russian women do not care about looks very much at all. And too that point, age is not a great barrier either, within limits of course.

Finally, it is crucial that you have a picture attached to your profile. For starters, women do want to see what you look like. You do not have to be a great looking guy, but you need to give the woman something to go by. In addition to this, not going through the effort to even put up a picture shows the gorgeous Russian women your lack of commitment. They will think to themselves, “If he cannot even put a picture up, how committed will he be to me?” Use a photo that depicts you in your natural environment. If you are a man who loves the outdoors, use a photo from a hiking or camping trip. Surely, these will be activities you will want your partner too share.

So, these are a few of the things that you need to do in order to setup a successful profile. These tips work for any kind of online dating to0, not just a foreign bride search. We all know how important first impressions are, so go ahead and make sure that you make a good first impression today!



Is it safe to use a Ukrainian marriage / Dating agency?

Of course it is safe to use a Ukrainian marriage agency! Well it is safe to use this one – I can’t speak for the others.
Think about it; you go into a bar in your home town and you see a lady that interests you. You approach her and try the long trusted lines to get her interested. You buy her a drink or two, talk for a few hours and call her the next day, or say hello when you both wake up!
What do you really know about her? She looks OK and seems alright. As you see more of her she talks a little more about herself and quite a bit of baggage is there; still getting over her last man, going through a messy divorce, he is still turning up unexpectedly…
That is the way it has been done for many years, your father did it, all your brothers and now you. It is a bit like roulette?
Using our Ukrainian marriage agency site you can find out all you want about her before you commit to meeting her – all you have to do is ask. She will do the same to find out about you.
The main rule when using a Ukrainian marriage agency is to be you and tell the truth. Don’t lie to impress her or send her a picture that is 15 years old. Eventually the truth will come out so why bother to lie?
I have had men say that they think that the woman may not be real. Perhaps it is really a half-shaven Boris typing letters in broken English while you carry on paying for his love letters back to you. Well this is where an on-line chat comes in useful.
For the price of a round of drinks in your bar you can chat with your Ukrainian lady on-line and see her and talk with her. If she is able to talk about all of your letters it is safe to assume that Boris does not exist and that she is real, and honest and genuine.
You can continue to write to her, exchange photos and speak on-line until you are sure that she is very special and better still – she is interested in YOU!
In you local bar, this may take a couple of hours and the chance of getting it wrong is huge. You can communicate for as long as you like on a Ukrainian marriage agency site and when you are ready to commit, you visit her.

Some sites sell ladies email addresses and contact details to members - they just want your money!

I do not sell ladies personal contact details. I find this unethical and it is also illegal – even though other sites do it. I make this decision for these reasons;
  • How can an agency have the best interests of the lady foremost if they sell her contact details and then have nothing to do with what happens from that point. What if the man has a criminal record or has bad intentions? Do they care?
  • If the man finds that the lady is not for him, does he then come back to my site and buy another email address? This sounds like a very convenient arrangement between the site and the lady to extract money from men.
  • IMBRA law says that I need to get a declaration signed by every man who wishes to meet a lady that he met through a marriage agency website from the USA. This is not a choice – it is compulsory. How can I do this if I have no record of the man wishing to visit?
  • My only concern is that the men and the ladies on the site are not scammed and that everything is done to make a blossoming romance possible. I lose all control and I can’t offer a money back guarantee if the man and the lady are corresponding privately. I do offer a money back guarantee if the correspondence is not genuine.

One of the reasons that I set up this site is because men get ripped off at many other sites – as do the Ukraine women who load their profile only to find that it is used to attract men and scam them for money. The ladies never receive any letters from men and are just used.

I can guarantee you that this site is 100% genuine. I will refund you if you find that you are scammed by a lady and my details are on the site for you to contact me at any time – photo, address, email address, phone number and Skype address. I am that sincere. Of course, I can’t guarantee that the women that you find attractive will automatically want you also – this is well beyond my control.

What I can guarantee is that your letter will go to your lady and that she will personally answer you. The letters go to both the ladies email and her agents email. This allows the agent to translate the letter and her reply so that there are no misunderstandings. This is why you pay to send messages – for the translation and the agency fees.

I have set up my site so that you only pay for what you want at the speed that you want. Some men like to write to many women every day and others like to write to just one woman every couple of days. The choice is yours and you are not committed to anything.

I am always here to answer any question that you could have.

Make sure that Your First Date isn’t the Last One!

A big part of our work is organizing personal meetings with ladies from my agency to men who come to Odessa and other cities in Ukraine. As you can imagine there have been hundreds and hundreds of first dates that I have personally organized since 2004.

I would like to share some of the advices which you might find useful! First date is an always very special one; here are some things which you shouldn’t talk about with your date, if you don’t want her to get bored or irritated!

  1. Don’t talk about your personal (family, work or financial) problems.
  2. Don’t complain! You are a self confident and successful person!
  3. Don’t talk about any negative things! You should radiate optimism and concentrate on the positive things!
  4. Don’t get drunk! This will create a very bad impression; you can have a little drink, but no excessive drinking on a date!
  5. Don’t talk badly of your previous girl friends or wives.
  6. Don’t try to be witty and funny all the time! Jokes and humor are welcome, but it must come naturally! Also don’t smile all the time, this looks very silly and it makes her think you aren’t self confident person!
  7. Don’t brag. There are some exceptions from that rule, but be careful! If you have a really impressive story which will make you look in a good light, you can tell the story to your date. But try to make no special emphasis on it, usually women find it very easy to detect when you start boasting to make an impression! The safest way to lead the date is to concentrate on the woman you are sitting in front of and her interests!
  8. Don’t touch those topics: politics, religion and conspiracy theories.
  9. And more than all: don’t be too quite!
  10. Its normal to ask your date what would she like to do (if it wasn’t discussed earlier) and girls often say: “well, I don’t really know, what would you like to do?”- It’s important that you have prepared an answer to that question! You don’t want to look lost and clueless.
  11. Don't offer the lady to share the bill. When you ask a Ukrainian woman out she expects you to pick the bill at the restaurant or any other place you go out to.

I hope this little advice from years of organizing meetings helps you on your first date