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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dating Russian and Ukrainian Women - The Rules You Need To Follow

Dating Russian and Ukrainian women is similar to dating women of different cultures. There are certain rules to follow in order to relate with them successfully because their beliefs in terms of dating, love and romance may be different from your own. In general, Ukrainian women are actually the same with other women in a sense that they also like men to make them feel special. Yet, the cultural upbringing of these women can make you expect differently when establishing romantic relationships with them.

No Stereotyping

While you have probably been informed by your friends that most Russian women are liberated and they would go all out just to have a partner in life; it is wrong to assume that all women from this country behave in such a way. When  dating a Ukrainian  women, do not make it obvious to them that they should thank you because you are their passport in going to paradise. Dating them should not seem like a favor you are bestowing to them.

They Are Not Easy Brides To Order Online

Ukrainian women may be wrongly promoted as brides that you can just order through the internet. They are worth more than this because they are educated and smart. There is a reason why Ukrainian and Russian women are so eager in finding a partner through dating sites. It is because during World War II and Stalin's reign, about 20 million people died and 90% of them were men. Obviously, there are more women than men in their country so women look for life partners out of their country.

Ukrainian Women Seek For caring, Kind And Family-Oriented Man

It is a misnomer that those who use online dating services such as Russian and Ukrainian  women are desperate and easy. What these women are looking for is a man whom they can establish serious relationship with. Unlike some men who are just using online dating services for flings, Russian girls actually want to find true love, security and respect from men.

Age Is Not An Issue

For Ukrainian women , age is not something that a man should be concerned about. You could be in your late 40's; yet, you can still find true love with a 25-year old Ukrainian woman. Nonetheless, it is still crucial that you assess a girl for what she truly is. She may only show affection to you in hope of getting your money or riches.

No Going Dutch

When dating a Ukrainian women, do not expect her to offer to pay for her own. Instead, impress her by being the man who is in charge of things. Yet, beware of gold diggers who simply want to milk your money and nothing more. A Ukrainian woman who is respectable and true will not ask for expensive gifts or cash.

Adapt To Her Culture


Do not expect the girl to initiate adapting to your own culture. Instead, show the girl that you are serious in getting to know her more by showing interest in her country and culture. Before setting out on an actual date, be sure to read some books about Ukraine and Ukrainian culture and tradition. Such knowledge will provide good topics for conversation while on the date.

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