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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Find your lady and hold her forever. The secrets of a successful conversation.

You are a lonely man and you want to find your soul mate. But you don't try to find easy ways in your searching. So here you are, on Ukrainian dating site. You have found an lady that interests you and you have decided to write her "Hi!". Now you are ? etc and you are waiting for her answer. And here it is! She finally writes  you "Hello". But now you feel some fear inside. You ask yourself: "What do I do next?
What should I speak about to a Ukrainian lady ?" And you know that you can't be silent to long. She will be bored and won't write you again. But you don't want to lose this chance. So what should the man write to a Ukrainian or Russian lady to be interesting and charming to her?
Usually men give the leadership to a woman being limited by short replies. But even the most communicative Russian or Ukrainian women will write you "So, now tell me something I have not heard before ".
First of all you shouldn't worry. There are a lot of different topics you can write her about. It can be:
•A story about your childhood. Tell her about your studying at school, what you studied , about you have pets, funny stories about them and so on. Russian and Ukrainian women like when man speak about there  childhood. It shows them that you are quite an open man.
•Your family. It will be great if you tell her about your family. Write her an amazing story of the first meeting of your parents if you know it. write  about your brothers and sisters and your relationships with them. She will imagine how much of a family man you are. It would be also great if you tell her about your family traditions. This would be one thing  Ukrainian woman will be very interested in it because she knows that different countries  have different traditions. Some traditions can be new and unusual to her.
•Your hobbies . Write her about your preferences in art, sports, music, food, your attitude to travelling and other things . Maybe you both have the same interests and you will have a lot to talk about. Don't forget that some kind of sports in Ukraine or Russia are not as popular as in your country. For example you like to play golf. So it might be interesting for a lady to get to know about it. Anyway, the man with hobbies  will be very interesting for ladies from Ukraine
•Your aspirations and goals. Ukrainian women like a purposeful man. You should tell about your dreams and what you do to reach them. She will appreciate it.
•Your achievements in Life so far. Every Ukrainian lady views a man as her future husband. That's why this information will be very important for her.
These where the first steps to a successful conversation. So what you should not write to Ukrainian and Russian women? First of all don't lie to her. Women hate lies and usually do not forgive them.
The only way not to be confuse in your stories is not to lie. Of course you could just read your previous letters. But what will you do if you meet this lady in real life some day? You can lose her forever because of lies.
You also shouldn't write all the time about your superiority. It is not interesting to a lady to read for hours and hours about how cool you are, she will not know how she should answer you. But you shouldn't write every time how perfect she is too. Ukrainian and Russian women can be  pretty shy, so she will feel uncomfortable because of it.
If you don't want to hurt a Ukrainian women you are writing to you should not discuss with her other people, especially other girls. She will feel unpleasant feelings. It can push her away from you.
Try not to speak about something specific too long. Even the most interesting topic of discussion can get your lady bored. And if you noticed that your woman is losing her interest in your conversation, you should gradually start to talk about something else.
Don't forget that you have a dialogue. It is important to remember that women don't like when a  man speaks too much. So if she asked you to tell her about something, don't try to write her everything in your first letter.
If you want the woman to like you, don't complain about your life. Not every woman will like a moaner and a complainer. She will imagine how you are complaining about all life
problems every day. It will be a big minus for you in her eyes.
You also should try to avoid a dispute. It is not a good variant of speaking the first time. But if you become closer after some time in your conversation, you will be able to discuss everything you want. And the lady won't be hurt.
What can help you to become a gentleman in your lady's eyes?  You should be very polite in all your messages. Ukrainian women won't waste their time with a rough and tactless man.
Tell her a few original compliments, she will appreciate it. You also should have a few interesting and funny stories or jokes to tell. All women like men with a good sense of humor. also ask her some non-standard questions like "What a lovely name you have. Why did your parents decided to give you exactly this name?" or "What would you wish if you had three wishes?". Ladies like questions like these. But be ready to give your own answer to these  same questions.
And finally the most important advice: be yourself. Don't try to become someone else and everything will work out.


 Good luck!

Bridesofukraine Dating Agency

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Cultural Difference Issues In Dating Ukrainian Women

You are Finally planning your trip to Ukraine to meet your Ukrainian lady  could be one of the most exciting events of online dating. Both you and your lady have certain hopes and expectations about each other, and at the same time dread about some negative possibilities. Sooner or later, you will find out that not all your expectations will be met and not all your apprehensions were warranted.
However, unexpectedly  on your first date in Ukraine you might discover some things you would never have thought would give you any trouble. I am talking about various cultural difference issues. Most of them may seem to you small and insignificant, but in the course of dating women from Ukraine they may prove to be quite destructive to your relationship. Thus, we will take a look at some of such issues you may have to deal with.
Dress code. Some men, especially those from the USA, may be a bit shocked by the dress style/sense of Ukrainian ladies, because it can be called anything, but conservative. Most Ukrainian ladies prefer to wear very fashionable but quite 'immodest' clothes. They are not ashamed to demonstrate the beauty of their bodies. However, this does not mean they are available sexually. Most women here would not consent to have sex on first dates and some would not have sex with a man they are not engaged or married to.
It will not only be you, who could get a shock of your life, but your Ukrainian date as well, when you show up on your date wearing very casual or sporty clothes, which are the usual preferences of American and European men. Clothes such as sweat suits and shorts are considered very inappropriate dating clothes by Ukrainian women.
Smiling and chewing gum. Americans consider smiling and chewing gum as part of their way of life. Ukrainians go for the same habits, only in a different way. Because of this difference Americans think the Ukrainians are glum. This is not quite true, because Ukrainians also smile and know how to have fun, but only among the people they know.
As for the chewing gum, Ukrainians, especially the older ones, consider it bad manners to talk to someone and chew gum at the same time. People consider it as an annoying and a bad habit.
Flowers. Giving your Ukrainian woman flowers on your date could be very sweet, but only if you give her flowers in odd numbers. Bouquets with even numbers are only for funerals. Another tip about flowers: never give your lady yellow flowers, because yellow is the color of leaving and separation. If your lady is superstitious, she could take this as a bad omen for the relationship.
These are just a few tips and you will find more information under Ukrainian Etiquette and Dating Customs on our website

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