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Monday, August 12, 2013

The exchange of the personal contact information, If the man wants to communicate with a woman directly.

Have you ever thought which relationships are the strongest? Well, there are a lot of different components on which such relationships should be built. And in this article we will speak about one of them.
Trust. It is one of the most important keys to any relations. Trust has to be between couples because they have to be sure that they can rely on each other any time. They need to know that they can share their thoughts, secrets and feelings. They need to be sure that they can open their hearts to each other. But how to get the Ukrainian or Russian bride's trust? Of course it is not easy but worth it.
So, you are on the dating site and you have found a Russian or Ukrainian lady you liked. You have started your conversation. She seems to be interested too. And after a few letters, or even in the first letter you decide to ask her to give you her private contacts, for example email, or decide to write her your own contacts, and get a polite refusal or don't have any response to your email. You shouldn't be surprised. It is absolutely normal reaction of any Russian or Ukrainian woman. Of course you think it will save your money and your conversation will be more private. But this situation has two sides, men's and women's. You can't understand why Ukrainian or Russian lady doesn't want to share private contacts. And you start thinking that she is a scammer and she just makes you spend your money. We won't hide the truth. Sometimes it happens. But now try to look at this situation from the woman's side.
Have you ever thought about why Ukrainian and Russian brides use fee-paying dating sites? The thing is they want to feel safe looking for a couple. A lot of men's profiles are faked. There are written wrong information and uploaded borrowed pictures. And of course a woman can't be sure that the man she has a conversation with is real and his intentions are serious. The Ukrainian and Russian ladies understand that someone can just play with her feelings and they don't want to be hurt. Usually women are looking for serious relationships on the dating sites.
You should understand that every woman needs some time to start trusting you. It doesn't mean that you don't inspire with a trust. She is just trying to be very careful. And if you really cherish your fiancée and want to get her trust, you should give her this time and not to press her. She will appreciate it without a doubt and reward you a little later.
You should know that some Ukrainian or Russian ladies are ready to share the emails or other private contacts even in the first letter. Usually these women have their own hidden motives. We advise you to pay your attention to such ladies and to be careful with your deeds. It is not excluded that exactly these ladies can be scammers.
But sometimes even after a long conversation the Ukrainian brides don't share the email address or other private contacts. And of course you have a question: "Why?". Well, there are a few variants:
1. You are not the only man she has a conversation with and she just can't decide who is better (by the way it is not prohibited and you also can have a few conversations).
2. Your lady doesn't believe that you are completely sincere with her and she has a suspicion that you are not honest with her.
3. She is not interested in serious relationships. She is just having fun.
4. Your lady just needs men's attention, flirt and psychological détente or even adrenaline.
And what should you do in such situation?
1. First of all you can ask her a direct question why she doesn't want to give you her own email address or other private contacts.
2. If you have some suspicions about honesty of your woman, you can contact the support of the site and inform us about it. We will try to find it out. And if your suspicions are proved, we will do everything necessary to solve the problem.
3. Probably you just should have a little more patience and to wait a little longer. Your lady will appreciate your modesty and decide that it is time to share emails or other private contacts.
Well, this is one of many questions which men have being on the dating site. We hope this article will help you in your future search for a  Ukrainian or Russian bride. But you should remember that all your results depend on your own decisions and actions.

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