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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Russian and Ukrainian Online Dating Blacklists: What You Should Know

There she is.  The most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen looking into the camera, her emails to you over the past months professing her undying love and now she says she’s ready to take your relationship to the next level.  Yet, in the back of your mind, you can’t shake the nagging suspicion that it’s all too good to be true.  “No one that young and beautiful could ever really love me like she says she does,” you tell yourself.  So, like many others, you search the internet for proof that that your suspicions are founded and that the young lady who claims to love you really has ulterior motives.
 Without a doubt, you can likely find negative comments made about any company or organization if you look for it.  Just as easily, you can find websites claiming that the moon landing was staged, Elvis is still alive and the Earth is actually flat.  Everyone has an opinion and, with the increasing availability of internet access and the ease in setting up a free homepage of your very own, everyone has the ability to share their opinion, unchecked, with the entire world.  It does not seem to matter whether the information is truthful or accurate; opinion is paraded as “fact” without any regard to the possible repercussions.
 This is true even when it comes to “anti-scam” and “black list” websites, which claim to spread the “truth” about Russian dating and “mail order bride” services.  Now, we won’t comment on whether one such list or another is telling the truth; we’ll leave that determination up to you and your own personal experiences.  What we can do, however, is share some tips to help you sort out the facts from fiction.
 How to Judge a Black List
 1. First and foremost, keep in mind that any website which is considered to be an “International Marriage Broker” must obey applicable laws which govern their industry; however the so called “blacklist” websites are not regulated by ANYONE.  There are no “official” black list websites or agencies for the international dating and correspondence industry, so any information you see posted to these “black list” websites should be considered the publisher’s subjective opinion.  Want to check with a reliable source?  While there are none specific to international dating and marriage broker services, there are many official consumer protection organizations which may be trusted, both within the government as well as in the private sector.
 2. Trust your own judgment.  Ultimately, with a little common sense and objectivity, you are the best judge of what’s really going on.  Obviously, if a lady is asking for money or gifts, cease contact and report her to the site’s administrator.  Be cautious about giving out your personal information.  Be wary if she’s in a rush to meet off the site or too quick in professing her undying love before you get to know one another.  While this doesn’t necessarily make her a “scammer” since some people are quick to become emotionally attached to a potential mate, it should raise a red flag.  If you are unsure or something doesn’t seem right, contact the administrator for the site you’re using.  A trustworthy service will investigate your concerns and discuss them with you, no matter the outcome of their investigation.
3. Accept the fact that very few people do things purely out of altruism.  Such people do exist, but most people are motivated by personal gain, whether this is monetary or simply petty revenge.  So, when someone offers something to you, ask yourself “what does this person stand to gain if I accept and follow their opinions?”
4. Check which websites have purchased advertising space on a blacklist site, and then compare these sites to the ones who appear on the “approved” or “safe” list.  If you only see one or two advertisers and they’re high up on the “safe” list, it is possible the “blacklist” owner is receiving kickbacks from the “approved” website.  You should especially be suspicious if links to these sites appear to be part of an affiliate program, where the blacklist publisher receives money in exchange for traffic sent to the linked site.
5. Look closely at reports that come as a result of a failed relationship.  Sadly, many women are accused of being “scammers” simply because of a personal dispute.  The dissolution of a relationship can be very painful and sometimes, in pain, a man will stretch the truth or even outright lie to make the woman seem much more villainous…and make themselves seem more like the victim.    So always take post-breakup reports with a very large grain of salt.  If you weren’t there and don’t know either of the people involved personally, it’s impossible to know what REALLY happened when the couple broke up.
6. Watch out for disgruntled, former employees.  Keep in mind that, in order for websites and agency offices to keep running, a staff must be employed.  Just as in every industry, there will be unfortunate cases in which a staff member’s employment must be involuntarily terminated.  This is never a pleasant event, but in rare cases, former employees may seek retribution by making up stories about their former employers.
 7. Look for the evidence.  Regrettably, many reports of scammers are presented in a “he said, she said” fashion.  They are 100% based upon hearsay, rather than objective evidence.  When you read through these reports, ask yourself “Where is the evidence?”  Is the blacklist’s publisher showing you the email (with headers) and screenshots of the alleged scammer at work…or simply asking you to take their word for it?

Monday, October 21, 2013

Cultural Differences with Ukrainian Women and Western women

If you are dating or plan on dating a Ukrainian or Russian woman, you want to be sure that the things you do please her. For this reason, it's important to understand the cultural differences with her and you. What might be absolutely normal behavior to an American or western European  woman could deeply offend your Ukrainian woman. This article looks at important cultural differences and offers some advise to help you sweep your Ukrainian woman off her feet.
Always try to remember your Ukrainian women is from a completely different culture to your typical Western women.
One of the largest cultural differences between western women and Ukrainian women is that Ukrainian and Russian women are typically not of the feminist mindset. They are very content and in fact happy with their husbands being the head of the household. They respect their men and they want to be cherished and loved as a women and a caring family maker. They also feel that it's important to never humiliate their husbands or damage their pride. For instance, even if something is really bothering a Ukrainian Russian about her husband, she would never voice her problems in public because it would be disrespectful and humiliating to her husband. You can be assured a Ukrainian women will respect you as her husband at all times.
That said, Russian and Ukrainian women also look toward the future. For instance, if they meet a man that they like, they will assess the man based on his ability to take care of her their future children and the family. She will look at him in the provider sense in order to see if he would be up to the responsibility. While some may joke and call this 'gold digging,' the truth is that it's plain common sense. Russian and Ukrainian women are absolutely dedicated to their families and it's important for them to know that they and their children will be taken care of and will be a healthy, happy family, they are not seeking to be rich and wealthy, but just to have a good standard of living for their future family, so you do not have to be a super rich guy to search for a Ukrainian bride.
This is the reason that a man should pay if he takes a Russian or Ukrainian woman on a date. She will automatically look at a man who doesn't pay and wonder how he could provide for a family if he can't pay for a meal and a movie. Because Ukrainian women are not of the feminist mindset, they feel as if paying for something is a matter of pride for a man. It is even known that most Russian and Ukrainian women will not pull out money of her own to offer for the meal because she doesn't want to insult her date by insinuating that he cannot pay himself .Ukrainian women still have traditional values when it comes to a man taking her out for the evening unlike the very feministic views that have been adopted by so many western women .
Along with these differences, Russian and Ukrainian women typically dress in a more feminine manner than American and most western women. They usually wear skirts or dresses, high heels and always dress to look beautiful, in fact many would say they dress very sexually and can look very intimidating but this is just in their culture to look beautiful and sexy for their man. There are many differences in culture between Russian and Ukrainian women and women of other countries. By following this advice and tips, you can avoid a cultural misunderstanding and have a happy long lasting relationship,  it will do you no harm to do some research into Russian and Ukrainian culture. And a last tip Ukrainian women love to have flowers bought for them, it is a great way to show your love and affection for them and is sure to help you sweep your women off her feet.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Looking For A Ukrainian Bride To Marry

Many Western men would of heard  stories of Ukrainian women, there are so many stories going around about marrying a Ukrainian girl 25 years younger than yourself, yes it is true, you can fly to Kiev go to a bar and pick a girl up half your age.
I can tell you now to forget all those stories, they are not true. Yes you can find a Ukrainian bride half your age , but the marriage will seldom last two years, enough time for her to come to your country and settle , before wanting a divorce.
Ukraine is a country of many economic problems, the country has changed considerably since the collapse of the Soviet Union, though there is widespread unemployment and poverty in the rural areas, fact is the majority of Ukrainian women are not desperate to leave their country and are not looking for a knight in silver amour to arrive and rescue them.
However for many Ukrainian brides it is very hard to find a good man suitable for marriage, Ukrainian men often have drink problems and are seldom reliable in life. Often Ukrainian men take little or no responsibilities for their wife or family.
For this reason if a good man should come along and the women thinks he is a good enough reason to leave her family and relatives behind she may consider marrying a foreign man. You can be sure that a foreign passport alone is not enough reason for a Ukrainian bride to leave her country. The days of turning up with your passport and flashing it about to the women are well and truly over, today you have to take a totally different approach.
Over the last decade many Ukrainian bride sites have appeared , offering Western men the chance to meet up with Ukrainian women looking for love and romance. Many of these sites cannot be trusted and are operated by dishonest individuals who will try to scam you out of money for translation services, receiving fake email letters and pay per chat. Always be sure to use a reputable owned agency or web site, where you can be sure to receive a good customer service and you can contact the owner personally. Also  Beware of the large dating sites with 1000's of ladies on there site as they are interested in your money and not finding you a future partner. These Large agencies have no offices in Ukraine and they run the pay per chat system which is the biggest scam out there to take you for hundreds and in most cases thousands of dollars.
So if you really are interested in searching for a Ukrainian bride to marry you need to do a little homework and some simple research. The more information and facts you have the more chance of you finding success and maybe you really will marry a Ukrainian bride.
I wish you best of luck in your searches.