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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Meaning of Letters

Personal correspondence is an individual’s thoughts and emotional relief. Often, it may be a soul confession. It is in letters that the spontaneity and frankness of the sender can be seen. Some short note or message can recreate the person’s character features, circle or interests, attitude to the events, as well as his/her intensions and attitude to an addressee. It’s interesting to read peoples’ letters, so as you can revive the writer’s feelings, see events and understand the world through his eyes. Often, through the letters you can get a vivid imagination of an interlocutor, and the monologue turns to be like some kind of dialogue, where the sender and receiver have some interesting way of interaction that resembles a vis-à-vis conversation. A letter is a really good tool to get to know the person better, since it’s usually easier to write about some things, than talk about them face-to-face.
 In different historical periods the writing style of letters and messages was different. There were specials guides for letter writing, where people could find the examples of letters of personal and business correspondence. Eventually, letter became a tool of business, professional, private and friendly communication. During the XX century the genres of letters underwent serious changes. The stream of private correspondence became very low in comparison with the previous decades. Though, by the end of second millennium and beginning of third one, new informational technologies and appearance of electronic mail have given a strong impulse to the renaissance of private correspondence.
With the appearance of the e-mail phenomenon, letters found new applications in business and personal communication. Such greetings like Good day, Hi, Hello can “co-exist” with addressing like Respectable, Dear. The correspondence became more dialogue-like with the appearance of the fabulous net-invention of smilies :) and other funky faces and symbols. At the same time style of writing became more liberated. High speed of letter exchange influenced the frequency of the communication, making people feel closely connected on the emotional level.
While correspondence can use mixed styles of writing, nevertheless a common template exists, similar for many countries; only writing styles can be more or less expressive. For example, Russian women, by their nature are very sensual and passionate. Hence, they are more explicit and emotional in their letters than, for example women in some other western or eastern countries. It could be said that a more emotional person is easier to read, and he/she appears more sincere in self-expressions.
Salutation can show the level of intimacy, attraction, or dislike to the addressee. In general, people in CIS are quite straight. They only say what they think and feel. It’s good to know such mentality differences if you are in correspondence with a girl from a post-Soviet country. If you get a letter saying Hello my dear, it most likely means that the lady appreciates your relationship and thinks of you as of someone special to her. If, in the end of the letters she sends you her Warmest regards, it means that she is sending her warmth and wishes to be closer to you. I’m impatiently waiting for your answer - says that she often thinks about you and that your letters became a part of her life. Sending a kiss shows that along with emotional attraction your Russian bride has already thought about moving to the next stage in your relationship. And, of course, love in the end of the letter means exactly that …. :-)
However, despite any possible explanations, letter writing does leave room for misunderstanding and should never be the only factor to determine the future of your relationship. If you receive a reply you were not hoping to hear, don’t jump into frenzy. Think about possible ways your initial question could have been misinterpreted, and consider asking a reassurance question, such as Did I understand correctly that you mean…, restating what you feel the lady mentioned to you. Often our surroundings and earlier events of the day can cause us to see things in a distorted manner, and it is best to be safe than sorry.
Aside from the letters written, it is also advisable to keep notice of other behaviors and attitudes of the Ukrainian woman you are corresponding with. If she writes you about how much she loves you, but when you schedule a phone call she is never available, chances are, she is not as sincere as her letters say. On the other hand, even if she doesn’t write long letters, but remembers your favorite food and makes a point of telling her friends about you – you have probably found an honest woman, genuinely interested in who you are.
 Letter writing can be indeed a great way to learn about a person, to share things that might not necessarily come up during a casual conversation at dinner. But pen and paper will never be able to substitute the real person, whom you wish to know. A personal meeting can not be replaced by any number of well-written long letters or facts shared. Seeing your pen pal in person will tell you even more about that person: the mannerisms, the tone of voice, the way one carries himself/herself – all these things will be putting final strokes to the impression of that special someone you’ve been sending letters for months.
So, whether by hand or e-mail, brief of lengthy, may your letters be inspired and lead you to finding happiness and that unique person, who will complete you!

Single Women in Ukraine

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Priorities of Russian and Ukrainian Women

The world has seen dramatic changes in regards of equality between men and women since the beginning of human existence. This situation can be also traced in Russia and Ukraine, but still Russian and Ukrainian women cannot get the job they want and salary equal to the men in general. Men and women are still not treated equally in the working field.
These facts force single women forget about their dreams and aspirations and dedicate themselves and their lives to their families and their well-being. However, unmarried women in Ukraine and Russia differ from those from other countries, as they don’t give up on getting higher education and scientific degrees, even though this doesn’t guarantee a well-paid job. Russian women still look for the one, so determined they are. Due to this desperate wish of career Ukrainian and Russian women are left not married until their thirties. That is why they start looking for men abroad. Not because they really want it, but because they have small chances in Russia and Ukraine.
The strongest argument is that Russian women prioritize devotion and commitment in relationship and long-distance relationship in this respect is not the best choice. Besides love and security, they seek for a partner with a stable financial income. This doesn’t mean they are after money or material things, but think of the man’s ability to sustain their future family.
As the ratio of men is higher than women in Russia and Ukraine, Russian and Ukrainian men are spoiled for choice. So, getting a spouse of the same age is not an easy task and very difficult for  women after 25 years old as in Russia and Ukraine most of the women get married before they are 22.
Having discussed single women, it is evident they are all different. Some of them are career-oriented, some take pleasure of family life duties, some prefer stay single. Some look for a partner within Ukraine and Russia, some prefer to marry a foreigner. It is impossible to describe single Russian and Ukrainian women in one word.

Single Women in Ukraine

Monday, September 16, 2013

Dating Russian or Ukrainian Women

If you are a newbie to dating Ukrainian or Russian women, then this article will be very helpful for you. The  article touches on six hurdles of Russian women dating. 
So how to date a Ukrainian woman?
First of all, you need to know that the majority of men looking for a Ukrainian woman to date, in their majority look for a serious relationship. However, cultural differences and differences in mentalities prevent many couples from success on Russian and Ukrainian dating websites. So how to succeed and how to marry a Russian woman?
The best ways to date Russian women are:
Greet a Russian woman on the first date. The custom presupposes shaking hands, not kissing on a cheek. However, make sure, you don’t shake her hand too firmly. Shake her hand pleasantly and look into her eyes, showing you are open and sincere.
 On a first date dress properly and make sure your outfit is corresponding to the place you two are heading. Bring flowers; single Russian women like when men show their interests and bring small tokens of appreciation.
Be chivalrous as it is a key to success. Open doors for women, help with the coats, chair at the restaurant, etc.
Another interesting point is money. You need to know that Russian and Ukrainian men always pay for women. So, you need to be aware that your Ukrainian or Russian woman expects you to pay for all the entertainment you invite her for. If you refuse to pay, a lady would find you greedy. It is one of the very important differences in Western and Eastern culture.
Russian women would always compare you to the local men, so be in control you are generous enough, open-minded, caring and are of strong nature. These qualities a Ukrainian women personally finds attractive.
Take your time to learn Russian and say it right. The language barrier is one of the biggest reasons why many international relationships fail. Learning Russian you improve your chances with Russian women. You will notice how the situation will change when you try to learn your Ukrainian woman’s native language. She would be pleased and flattered and in return, would take more efforts in learning your language.
Stay motivated, never give up and soon you can marry a Russian or Ukrainian women of your dreams!

Single Women in Ukraine

Answers to Questions about Ukrainian Women

The popularity of international marriages grows at present age. A great number of sites offer their services in international dating and marriage. Due to the differences in culture, mentality and personalities it becomes difficult to avoid some misunderstandings and pitfalls. The following article will show you how you can solve some problems during your Russian dating experience.
Are Russian and Ukrainian women different from women of other nations, or is it just a myth?
For sure, the difference exists. CIS women possess certain characteristics that are peculiar for them only. The most significant are – looking after themselves a lot and in their majority Ukrainian and Russian women would prefer family to their career.
How can a foreigner attract a Ukrainian or Russian woman’s attention?
Ukrainian and Russian women notice neat and well-attended men. They cannot stand dirty, undone hair, uncut nails and unpolished shoes.
What traits interest Ukrainian or  Russian women?
Russian women like a strong shoulder to lean against. If you are a strong, brave, self-confident man with serious intentions, you have all the chances to win Russian woman’s heart. They also like tender, kind and romantic men.
How can a man surprise a Russian or Ukrainian woman?
Ukrainian and Russian women like romance: romantic dinners with candles, champagne, wine and tender words. It is easy to impress a Russian woman bringing her flowers, organizing an unexpected dinner, making a ‘housekeeping day-off’ for her, etc.
What are the presents they like to receive?
Flowers, chocolates, not expensive rings, etc. Ukrainian and Russian women appreciate the attention, but not the cost of a present.
What are the typical mistakes when dating a Russian or Ukrainian women?
The typical mistakes of men are: not bringing flowers on the first meeting, forgetting about signs of attention, not being open, being too serious, forgetting to show sense of humor. Russian women enjoy when a man makes them laugh.
What to do on a date with a Ukrainian woman?
If you make your meeting extraordinary, unforgettable of her, where she will feel a real princess form fairy-tale, a Ukrainian lady would fall in love with you.


Single Women in Ukraine