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Saturday, July 13, 2013

What are the most important holidays to Ukrainian women ?

What can win the heart of a woman faster than Remembering and celebrating her favorite holidays with her ?  Nothing. Ukrainian women are not an exception. They do like holidays, various gifts and surprises. Think for a while. What leaves the brightest memories in your memory? What does an old couple recall most often after having spent together over thirty years ? Of course various holidays and family gatherings. Turning  the pages of a family album you will usually see a great deal of photos taken during different holidays. Don't you agree ? So be ready to be able to surprise your Ukrainian lady on holidays that are important to her.
Her birthday. It is the most important day for any woman. The difference is, however, that this holiday in Ukraine is usually celebrated with big gifts and not just little tokens of appreciation. After all, that is the only one holiday in a year which revolves totally around you and you alone. So you will probably have a great headache while generating ideas of arranging a great holiday for her and of course dwelling on a variety of options of an appropriate gift on her birthday. It is better for you to prepare something really great and unforgettable. If you are lucky to do the right choice of a gift, you will not wait long until you are rewarded for your efforts.
If you are not at the stage when you want to spend a lot of money for jewelry (and it is not a good idea to spend a lot of money — especially at the beginning of the relationship when you are not sure about it yet) then show her your creativity. Write her a poem about how beautiful and unique she is. Sent her a bouquet of flowers and be sure that it is delivered first thing in the morning. Order her a bottle of champagne and chocolates. If she likes to read, buy her books or her favorite music. Mostly, make it special so she knows that you pay attention to her letters and know what she likes.
New Year. Since Socialist Revolution, the church was separated from the state in Russia, so Christmas became forbidden holiday. In place of Christmas Soviet people celebrated New Year. Though nowadays Christmas is celebrated in Ukraine and Russia too. New Year still holds the place of the second most important holiday here. New Year is often celebrated in Ukraine with reference to the Eastern (Chinese and Japanese) calendar. It means that each year is named after one of 12 animals and one of 5 elements. This knowledge can help you to find an appropriate gift for your Ukrainian Bride. As it was mentioned before, it may be just a souvenir but the one with some special meaning for that particular woman or corresponding to a year. Your gift should be memorable. If you manage to do the right choice then memories about it will stuck in your Ukrainian Bride's mind forever. A perfume is a good option if you really want to impress your lady but of course you need to be sure you know her taste and personality quite well.
Women's Day (8th of March). If you congratulate a Russian woman on this holiday you will become a very special man for her. This holiday is devoted to cherishing women in Ukraine. Women are showered with attention and gifts on this holiday so it will become another difficult task for you to choose a good present for her. So another good case to surprise your woman and let her know she is the unique and very important for you. So surprise her with you're a special. Probably you have already firmly decided that you need to have close to yourself exactly this woman so you have an opportunity to charm her. Prepare something great for her, probably jewelry or something like this. Champagne and chocolates will do as well. And don't forget to send some flowers to her mother. After all, she is a woman too and such attention will never be forgotten by your Ukrainian Bride.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

About Ukrainian Ladies

As you can see from the photos, Ukrainian women arestunningly beautiful and these are real women looking for a husband, they are not photos of agency models. Ukrainian women are well educated, most have University Degrees, they are usually immaculately dressed. In the Ukraine many men drink and have low paying jobs or no jobs at all. This is some of the reasons for divorce, so if you are the type of guy who likes to get drunk at a weekend, party with your friends and flirt with other women, you may have to change your ways. Ukrainian women want to love a man who is responsible, caring, faithful, and respects them. They are not going to leave their family and friends for a man in another country who behaves in the same way as Ukrainian man.
Ukrainian women have a totally different outlook on familylife to Western women, they are not focused on a career life. And contrary to what many people think, they are not all after a visa and your money, but there are Ukrainian women who are not so honest. We will help you not to make the mistake of many men by falling for the wrong woman.
In the former CSI Countries there are 10 million more women than men, so you can see why many women look for foreign husbands, there is not enough men in their own country!
Ukrainian girls are some of the most beautiful women in the world. If you are looking for a sweet and tender women for dating, a relationship or marriage it might be a good idea to start in Ukraine.
 Family life is very important to Ukrainian women. They want there dating with western and European men to end in marriage in order to create a strong and happy family. Ukrainian women are very much more feminine than western women. Both in there dress style and appearance. Why do Ukrainian girls seeking dating with other European and western men?
A Ukrainian girl is caring and sincere in nature. Just like Russian women they seek dating for the purpose of long term relationships that often leads into marriage. Our dating catalogue contains profiles of beautiful Ukrainian ladies. Every dating profile contains profile pictures. When contacting the lady it is easy to find out that she is serious. Her behavior, appearance and speech immediately reveal her intention.
 Our dating catalogue contains profiles of beautiful Ukrainian ladies. Every dating profile contains profile pictures. When contacting the lady it is easy to find out that she is serious. Her behavior, appearance and speech immediately reveal her intention.
At Bridesofukraine we believe in Quality over Quantity Allof our Ukrainian Ladies are legitimate and are genuinely interested in seeking a future partner for dating that leads to marriage. All of the ladies featured on the website are members of our agency or are members of one of our local affiliate partners and are known personally by the staff of their agency. Our personal relationship with these agencies enables us to have a system and a program that insures that if you decide to correspond with one of the ladies on our site that the letter you receive will be from her and no one else. We work with only legitimate local marriage agencies in other cities in Ukraine.
The goal of any Introduction service or website is to feature women for correspondence that should ultimately lead to a future meeting between the two people corresponding, if a meeting is so desired by both parties.
They should be able to introduce you to quality, honest and sincere ladies that are looking for the same thing that you are, a mate for life. Arranging meetings with the ladies on their site with whom you have been corresponding should be a given part of their program. If a meeting cannot be arranged by the site, then what is the point of the correspondence? There is nothing more frustrating than writing to a lady for several months and then making the trip to meet her only to have her no-show or to find out that a meeting cannot be arranged with her, that she was not aware of your correspondence, etc.
Unfortunately, since most of the largest and most popular dating sites merely purchase the photos and profile information from unverified sources and agencies with which they have no real relationship, they have no real way to set up meetings for you with the girls to whom you have been writing. They don't know these ladies any better than you do! In-person meetings with the ladies featured on their site is not the real goal for them. There are generally two sides to their business, correspondence (where most of their profits are made) and tours. The two do not necessarily intersect. In other words, just because you have been writing to a lady on a particular site and you have chosen to take their tour, does not mean that this company can arrange or expedite a meeting with that lady. In some cases, you will be told to arrange the meeting through your correspondence. In other cases you may correspond with a lady for months, make the trip to meet her only to find that she is not available for some reason or another This is not the case with Bridesofukraine.
The goal of Bridesofukraine is to provide a safe andeffective way for those involved in our Correspondence program to actually meet, one-on-one and in person. Our job does not end after your correspondence begins. Our program is designed to help you meet the ladies with whom you have been corresponding and to provide you with all the information available about those ladies you are interested. Our relationship with our agency partners is such that their lady's profiles are given to us for posting on our site. We don't buy them because our agency partners know that our goal is to organize meetings with their ladies. They appreciate that our main goal is to help men and women who are genuinely looking for one another to meet and communicate in a safe and dignified fashion.
From our years of experience we know that correspondence and even phone calls can only be used as a tool to decide if it is worth your while to make the trip to Ukraine to pursue your bride. It is impossible to cultivate a true relationship with a lady you have never met. This can only be done through a personal meeting and spending time with them.

Bridesofukraine Dating Agency

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How to trust and verify that your Ukrainian or Russian bride is telling you the truth.

You finally met the one person who you are great with. And somehow relations develop themselves into something very wonderful, so wonderful that it seems that everything is too good to be true. So you're trying to get to know your future half and are interested in her past that may fall out of the blue and affect in some way the development of your relationship. How to make sure that your Russian or Ukraine bride tells you the truth. Whether or not blindly trust the various stories or gossip? To do this, and there are all sorts of providing public services, as well as confidential information about any person, regardless of their ethnicity or place of residence. So, the variant number one. Open any search engine and type the name of the person you are interested. Today on the Internet you can find all sorts of information from different social networks. Thus, you can consider your beloved photos; observe her activity on the Internet. If you are interested in having a criminal record of your future spouse, you can easily ask her to get help from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, and to show it to you, because it really needs to process a set of documents or a spouse visa bride. Be interested in her income, for example, do not be afraid or feel embarrassed by asking her a question about the cost of living in the country of her residence and comparing her salary.
Asking at the same time you can compare and discuss how things work in your country. Ask to see her photos of different times to analyze the Russian girl changing, evolving, sometimes even pictures can tell a lot, for example, about the emotional state of the point in time. Ask her to meet her parents, if they are alive, friends and relatives. Sometimes there is a view, to see how people treat their loved ones, such as chat awaits you in the future. Ask them questions about your spouse: how she spent her childhood and adolescence, what her favorite toy was and fantastic character did she identify with as a child, did she love to help around the house, etc. Spend more time with your girlfriend, talk about everything, and analyzes each sentence, don’t fear asking about her past and ask all sorts of questions, show interest in her lifestyle, cultural differences, share her life experiences, join in a discussion with her friends, and be sure you will learn a lot of new things for you. Perhaps, to some extent, and change your world, and most importantly, you will trust your partner, happy marriage and be able to avoid misunderstandings in the future!

Bridesofukraine Dating Agency

The choice of a bride. How to make the right choice?

So, you finally began to talk with some women whom you are interested in. The first beckons you by a wonderful picture, the second is really easy in communication, understanding. The third produces the impression of a woman with good housekeeping skills. And yet, as in most countries harems are forbidden, you need to choose one bride.
How to make a right choice in this difficult affair?
Once upon a time there was a tradition in Russia, the choice of the bride, which were born during the times of ancient Byzantium. For example, the Russian Tsar in the choice of the future queen gave as a gift each girl an expensive headscarf, embroidered with gold. With each of the brides he had a small talk in private; usually these conversations lasted from 10 to 15 minutes. When he was determined to choose his girlfriend, the young ladies went home with gifts. Such choice of the bride was traditionally existed in China. Or remember a film about Cinderella, a ball was organized in such event, the monarch watched all the beautiful girls of the kingdom, during dances and talked with them, made his choice, also remember the stories of the majority of Ancient Egyptian tales - they used the same methods of dating and the choice of brides.
Today, when the most part of the communication takes place on the Internet, using the latest technology, men should determine the choice of their second half. To do this, they should know the girl better. You should start with different questions, at first you need to formulate them mentally correct, to write, do not to forget, and gradually, in small portions, ask the girls with whom you are in online correspondence. Thus, you have a portrait of your future darling. You should also draw a parallel between yourself and the girl, find common interests, because you have to communicate to the general topics, you must also have common views on life and morality. Of course there is an idea that opposites attract, but believe us, if two people cannot talk about anything in private - their union is doomed to failure. People have to strive for personal development together, or limit and be content with what they have already had, or have achieved. They need a lot to talk and everything, because after the marriage couples realize that they did not speak out, early tied their fates.
An important factor in communication, as well as the choice of companion is the ability to compromise. Spouses should make concessions to each other, and in this case it is not a sign of weakness, but rather a manifestation of wisdom. The person is appreciated your relationship, sometimes ready to give in a particular matter, the decision to donate his or her willing and offer an alternative. When choosing a bride you should also think about compatibility. Often, it happens in life that people have something to talk about, but something pushes them apart - a harsh word, psychological type, physical appearance, habit ... all of these things are a sign of incompatibility. Very often young families break up because of sexual incompatibility. Therefore, before making a very important decision for themselves, namely the creation of a new unit of society, should live with a future partner for several days. You can take a romantic trip or just invite a friend to visit each other. At the same time you can check the culinary skills of the future bride, the putting house in order, all that concerns her practical side. Also do not forget to support mentally and physically your other half in every way! Thus, using the aggregate of all the above tips you can make the right choice !

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Monday, July 8, 2013

How to win a woman's heart online and make her want to marry you

1- Address your email to a specific lady and get ready a standard introductory mail, but each time you email it to a new woman write her name at the beginning of your message. It will definitely put in a special spirit to your mail.
2- Write emails well. Take your time because writing an email doesn't need an instant reply. Reread every phrase to make sure you say what you want a woman to read because she will possibly read it more than once. Verify your spelling because some woman might translate your mail in a translation program, so you 100% will be sure they understand what you wrote.
3- Tell her in your email that she is very beautiful (Avoid telling her she is SEXY and keep in mind that is not appropriate for you to discuss sex in your first mails).
4- Be honest in other words just be yourself, remember if a woman loves you really, she will admire and love you for who you are.
5- If the woman you like has children, don't forget always to ask her about them. Also tell her about your children.
6- Russian and Ukrainian women are very emotional, sentimental, romantic and they adore men who show caring for them. So show her how much you care about her.
7- Treat her as a woman not a thing and always treat her like a princess, by taking care of her needs and feelings.
8- When first sending an email to a Russian and Ukrainian woman don't attach semi naked or shirtless photos, even if you have an amazing body.
9- Write to her and discuss the drinks or foodstuff you both like. Write to her in your mail about your hobby, friends and job.
10- Remain very active and show yourself as a positive, self-assured and marriage minded man.
11- Learn some Ukrainian or Russian words and phrases. Your woman will be definitely thrilled to hear you speaking her language.
12- Send her flowers through an international flowers delivery service without waiting for her birthday.
Bridesofukraine Dating Agency

The Golden Rules of Dating

1- Whatever you do, don't just show up at women house. Your lady might be running around in her underwear.
2- Never Cheat on your woman. Remember women always tell each other
everything about every little thing. So if you cheat they will definitely find out.
3- Never miss an opportunity to tell girls they're stunning and beautiful.
4- Never refuse to kiss your bride in front of your friends. If they laugh at you, it's because they are bothered and definitely jealous.
5- Don't be afraid to touch your woman if you want to. If she is going out with
you in the first place, it's because she likes being in your arms.
6- If you don't sleep with a girl, never tell your friends that you did.
7- If you do sleep with a woman, don't tell your friends that you did.
8- You can be dirty minded in your private, but remember most of girls are not insulted by it.
9- Do you really need all your money that much? Be a real gentleman and pay for her all the time.
10- Every woman should sometimes receive three things from her man- a
stuffed animal, his sweatshirts and a very nice ring. Even if you both are not ready for marriage yet.
11- You're dead meat if you can't get along with her dog, friends and parents. Be prince charming to her friends, Mr. sympathetic to her parents and make sure to be nice to her dog or cat.
12- Don't flirt with you woman's girlfriends.
13- Remember her birthday. If you forget her birthday and you're basically finished. Also never give your woman something foolish for Christmas or birthday, though the present doesn't have to be fancy but it has to be meaningful.
14- Don't marinade the toilet water or cologne, just smell good.
15- After you've been dating for a some time, realize that your girlfriend really started to trust you. When you have a woman who truly trusts you, you have a lot more responsibility, right and control than you would guess. So be very careful with it and remember if you misbehaved it can be lost in a blink of an eye.

Bridesofukraine Dating Agency

When you are writing a profile and uploading a Photo to a Ukrainian or Russian dating site.

One day you have decided and chose a dating agency and wrote about yourself in your profile. The main thing is to approach the creative process. It is necessary to remember the fundamental laws of advertising as we try to attract the attention of Russian women. Do not lie from the beginning, but also do not describe all your achievements and do not expose your regalia. Write simple, modestly, but with a special thrill. For example, happiness and contentment are the moral goals of my life. What could be better than living in harmony with yourself, to find a place under the sun and live peaceful happy life with a girlfriend? Here I see a happy family with wonderful children playing in the yard. And such a life is truly beautiful ... A man with a huge heart and soul .. Tall, with kind eyes and beautiful smile. Friendly and open to communication. I am absolutely serious in my searching. I cannot live without air, water, food and love. For love I can move mountains. Ready to share my life with a worthy Ukrainian woman.
You also should indicate your strengths: brave, ambitious, down to earth, honest, intelligent, independent, kind, passionate, patient, romantic, sincere... Do not write about your shortcomings, because we're trying to please a girl. You can add a list of your hobbies and interests, because you have something to be common with the woman you liked.
Now consider what pictures you should put on the pages of marriage agencies. The less Photoshop you use - the better for you. In a personal meeting it can be a great disappointment, because on the pictures you looked sexy, but in real life - you are absolutely different. Put only your fresh photos. You do not need to attach photos to your profile in infancy or old pictures to avoid misunderstanding and disappointment. Also, do not use the photos on the theme: we are with my friends in sauna, or me and my mom, me and moose in the wood ... These pictures will be just a little laugh for your future bride. Be yourself. You can also use the services of professional photographers, because a professional photo will help your self-reliance. Good specialists are always aware of what is a better perspective of your photograph. Some marriage agencies offer free or almost free services of photographers or photographic studios, with whom they work, so you can solve these problems quickly and easy. The main thing is your wish. Remember that, at first, a Russian or Ukrainian woman pays attention to your photos, just after she reads your profile and analyzes the information in the aggregate.
Bridesofukraine Dating Agency

The main differences between Western and Slavic women.

A woman must always remember that she is a woman, regardless of financial status, national origin, country of residence, age. Human nature is that human-beings tend to compare people with each other to see who is more suited to us as a partner. In order to avoid mistakes of the past, both men and women choose a person with the set of personal qualities and characteristics that would not in any degree suppressed them as a personality, would not destroy their inner world.
What is the uniqueness of the Slavic women? What about them attracts men? What qualities do they have that attract so many foreign men? What makes them special, what do they possess that girls and women of the West do not have? What is it the mysterious of Russian soul?
Love to people, faith in the good intentions to help others, frugality and thrift, ability of self-sacrifice for loved ones, sincerity, purity of mind and thought, unpretentiousness, incessant struggle for justice. These characteristics are rarely found in total with Western women. They are more aggressive, emancipated, predictable. Often, women from Europe and the U.S. prefer to be single, because they are accustomed to the daily struggle and compete with men trying to prove their superiority in all things, emphasizing the uselessness of the masculine gender. Therefore, the Western Knights have chronically tired from such relations; they need a family comfort, understanding, caring, kindness and love, and not the eternal breaking of the nerves, everyday quarrels and constant fighting. Nature created a man that wants to come back home after a long working day in which he will find understanding and peace in his sweet home.
Ukrainian women realize that her strength is in her weakness and vulnerability, no matter how paradoxical it sounds; suggesting that she is real, and probably these features attract foreign men to her. A Ukrainian woman is ready to bend over backwards to please her man, because she loves him sincerely. Therefore Russian girls are great and faithful wives, caring mothers. They are sensitive and temperaments. Cleanly. With great taste and manners. Well-educated. Nice companions with a world outlook and a sense of humor. They are picky about relationships. Largely they are not capricious. As for the mysterious Russian soul - it is difficult to predict their actions and divine thoughts, so you will never get bored in their company.
Bridesofukraine Dating Agency

The choice of a target group of Ukrainian brides according to personal criteria and requirements.

Love knows no age ... we can choose, we are chosen ... We select everywhere ... select the best options for all of us. The same is true about a child's love… and adults too. But a child's love is sincere; sometimes they love even several people at ones. The older generation is beginning to think about all sorts of benefits, the benefits of a marriage in order to avoid possible disappointments in the future.
The most important thing is to decide what kind of woman do you prefer and why. If you dream about children, you should pay attention to the age of childbearing potential partner. Typically, a Ukrainian woman can give birth to a healthy child if she is under the age of 45. Of course there are some exceptions, but very rarely, even if overgrown beauties decided to have a baby after 45, usually the offspring is born with Down syndrome. You also need to consider the family readiness of the Ukrainian ladies. It should be remembered that not all girls are ready to become real women, and have a baby at age of 18, they are not ready psychologically. In fact, they are big kids by themselves who need parental love and care.

Also, both men and women need to think about a healthy age difference, if you're 60 and you want to marry a beautiful young 18 year old Russian girl it means you have something to offer her that she could not hesitate to agree to become your wife, to give you her beauty and youth. Usually the men in Europe and the U.S. prefer to tie up their fate with the girls and women younger than themselves. The ideal age difference is from 2 to 10 years if the girl is younger her partner. In other cases, couples with huge age difference can live together from 2 till 5 years. With time it comes confusion, some partners are not able to attend parties and night clubs because their health problems, those who are younger, just get boring, they lose an interest, and they go in search of another partner. Someone gets all kinds of complexes, which also provokes tears and misunderstanding. Undoubtedly, there are some exceptions to the rule, when people with a huge age difference live happily ever after ... usually such a trend is observed in celebrities, but it could be just PR? Are they happily married? Unfortunately these are the realities of life, so think about creating a new family with Ukrainian woman carefully, and how long you can survive as a family unit, taking into account your age difference?
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